Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chronicles from Eberron--The Tale of Harrigan the Horrible (Chapter 7)

Arriving in the Shadow Marches, Harrigan and his accomplices set out to find the final necessary dragonshards to power the professor's plane-traveling device. Harrigan expresses his doubts as the group travels through the Crawling Swamp, and begins to face a difficult decision.

Aye, so I finally had a chat with Jackie, Johnny, and the gnome. I've decided what action I'm goin' ta take, and all three are on board so far. We're plannin' on talkin' to Lil and Khin sometime soon, to see if they'll join us. I couldn't tell ye what they're goin' to say, but that's life.

We finally arrived in the Shadow Marches, where we did some sellin'. It's amazin' what you pick up as ye travel along like this. There's all kinds 'a stuff that we've collected. Needless to say, though, to the right buyer, we have what they want. That means jink in me pockets and ale in me tankard.

While there, I picked up a prospectin' license from the damned Thrashk half-orcs and talked to some of the Kundarak house about dealin' with our future problem. It shouldn't be a difficulty.

Lil celebrated her 17th birthday, while we were there. Aye...poor girl. She's out here in the middle o' nowhere with strangers, enterin' somethin' that she doesn't even know the half of. We'll see how this all goes.

I'll be honest with ye. I spent most o' my time broodin' and on a boat. Aye, another boat. I hate boats. A fella hired us to find some addle-coves who had given him the slip earlier on in the month. They headed up river with their pay for a job they never finished. Our job--find the buggers, and bring 'em back dead or alive.

Things were relatively quiet on the way. We fought a swarm o' hellwasps, which went down in flames from the Magma Staff and torchfire from the others. We also ran into some claimjumpers, but we dealt with them right quick.

Long story short--the pair (a burn-scarred orc and a midget human) were killed by some undead thing in the swamp. We killed it off right quick and started lootin'. The bodies around there had some fine loot, as well as the Eberron shards we've been lookin' for.

We headed back and will soon be headed for Adar. I dinna plan on makin' this an extended stay.

I have to apologize to ye, if ye be readin' this. To say the least, I've been a touch distracted by things. Evil times have a tendency of bringin' things out in one that ye wouldn't normally want to come out. At the same time, it makes good men do things that they normally wouldn'a do. Aye, I wish I knew what I could do in this situation that that'd be best, but right now, methinks I've chosen the best path I can.

Now, to deal with the consequences.

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  1. Lillis10:51 PM

    Ummm...Ummm...it almost sounds as if you're leaving me out of a major plot point... but I know that can't be true! :D Don't worry...though you might be a dwarf, I trust you.

    But then again, I also trust that dancing guy. And I'm still not sure what you people were talking about, why I shouldn't trust him... his dancing was so smooth! Much better than... well, nevermind. No need to dig into the past overly much now, ne? ^_^ Lets just say it wasn't all that bad.

    But ya know, its a sorta humorous situation I've gotten myself into. I got in trouble at home because I was too trusting, so I left, but I'm still too trusting and getting into more trouble all the time. I need a shoulder angel to tell me what to do me thinks...

    I never did get my bath. Do I still have egg fetus in my hair? x_x