Sunday, February 10, 2008

WittCon V Nears...and the Playtests Continue

So, in preparation for the coming festivities of WittCon, the typical krew has been very generous with their time, in playtesting Dungeon Slam! with me, and I've been working hard on getting the revisions in as they're putting out ideas.

Some of the highlights:

Spells have undergone a lot of revision. On the main, the cost for them has gone down across the board, and they've become a lot more specific in what they can do. Beyond this, I've added some additional spells to fill some voids that haven't been available before.

Blood Rune, as a skill, was way too good. I'm still plotting out a way to tone it down, but it still packs one hell of a punch.

Most of the +Stat or +Health/Arcana skills were too weak to consider really taking, so they each got a potent boost which makes them particularly worthwhile.

The "Bane" skills still aren't seeing too much use. They're just not that potent, in comparison to what players typically want.

The Character cards are undergoing a style revision. They'll be bigger (currently postcard sized, but now 5 1/2" by 8 1/2"), which will make them easier to read and manipulate.

These are just some of the major revisions I've been playing with. By March, I'm hoping to run another printing over at Kinko's, in order to put up the best possible showing at WittCon V.

Hope you come out to join us! Here's the site:

PS--Oh, yeah, and there's WEGS, too! Woot for dicin' with the WEGSHogz!

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