Wednesday, May 07, 2008

In Which The Warlock Has a Place To Sit!

So, we've had a problem with the last few games that we've run. It's not been player issues, not timing, not characterization, and not plotting....'s been seating.

The PlatinumChick and I bought a nice kitchen table set from Value City Furniture, complete with four chairs. The table has held up immaculately well, and looks nice in our living-room/kitchen, but the chairs? Not so much.

The chairs that came with it had a wooden seat, with a metal backing and legs. The problem with this was the fact that the frame was held together with tiny aluminum screws and washers which promptly broke. For over a year, we haven't been able to sit in our own kitchen chairs, for fear that the frame would literally collapse beneath us. The worst chair of the bunch was moved up against the kitchen wall, so that there was at least some support if someone sat there....though we not-so-subtly encouraged them not to sit there.

However, the winds have changed, mes amices!

Courtesy of our happy local K-Mart, we now have a full complement of all-wood chairs to complement our table. What's best? They match!

At last, we have a suitable area to WEGS it up! At last, we can cluster around the battlemap and burn the xenos of Dark Heresy! The Crystal Pot shall rise again!



  1. Its about dang time LOL :) I am still sitting on the couch though its more comfortable and besides I helped move the dang thing in there.

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  3. Hey, you don't need chairs when you're wegs-ing it! Folks should stand for three hours straight - right? Ok... Ok... that might be pushing it... Crystal pot?

    (sorry about the deletion - typo!)

  4. Always, El Willy, but it's so much more fun to get annihilated when you're comfortably seated!

    The Crystal Pot is our counterpart to the infamous Copper Pot. We use an old glass/crystal candy jar to hold our spent's just the Copper Pot's bastard half-cousin!