Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Which The Warlock Fails His Saving Throw vs. Poison...

Apologies on the delay, faithful readers. I realize that when I post late, I usually open with an apology but this time...I have a legitimate excuse: food poisoning.

You see, your friendly-neighborhood Warlock has given up pop--carbonated beverages have been kept at a minimum since October, and I've kept to that pretty well by sticking to Kool-Aid and juice. Unfortunately, it was the latter that caught up with me. By the time that I was 3/4 of the way through the juice bottle...Jules had noted that it was over 3 months expired.

I, consequently, spent the last three days unable to eat anything, and have been pretty much latched to the toilet.

On the plus side, I am much on the mend and am looking forward to a full weekend of geekdom to come. On the downside, though, I missed out on much of last weekend's festivities...which included a portion of a visit from my former roommate, Karl!

However, we did have some time to wedge in a WEGS scenario--based on the D&D Tiny Adventures creation "The Haunted Streets of Agamentar--with some sweet LEGO props! I joined him behind the screen at first, but when a player had to leave was up to Nordling the XIV to take to the fore!

Unfortunately for Nordling and his krew...the odds and gods were not on their sides. In the crypt of a dread lich, they fell quickly and mercilessly beneath no less than 5 consecutive Good Shots by Karl's dice...

Never fear, though! This Saturday brings some more "Dungeon Slam!" and hopefully some karmatic vengeance!

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  1. Gotta check those expiration dates prior to drinking, man! heh heh heh

    More WEGS-ing I see! And the return of the Nordling character franchise, too! Sweet!