Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Which The Warlock Switches Gears...

With WittCon VII approaching, I had originally been hard at work on a Ravenloft scenario to run during the second session. "In Pursuit of Perfection" was going to be an interesting little romp through Paridon, in which the PCs would uncover some unsavory goings-on in the "Divinity of Mankind"--a pseudo-Freemason group devoted to perfection for all mankind.

Unfortunately, I hadn't exactly anticipated everyone else's offerings this time around. Kat's been high on a new indy game called "Houses of the Blooded", while a group that we met at FOPCon is bringing three sessions of "Fellowship of the White Star"--a game that, thematically, is pretty well identical to Ravenloft. All that on top of Jules' annual Call of Cthulhu game...

...well, I was out luck. I still wanted to run something, but we needed some genre differentiation!

So many options before me, I had some difficulty settling on something. I had thought about doing Clone Wars-era Star Wars game, but was immediately turned off by the d20 character generation, even with the assist from HeroForge. I was thinking about potentially running some Conan or Stargate SG-1, but in both cases...same problem. WEGS? Well, with El Willy planning to make an appearance, that's his domain! Dungeon Slam and SunnyVale Acres still need some work before another big playtest run...

As such, I was at a loss. What to run, what to run?

Ah, yes. My beloved Heroes Unlimited!

With the massive blizzard around us, I've had a few extra days off to work towards putting together a scenario I'm calling "The Near-Orbit Mass Driver Blues".

Five of six characters, complete with backgrounds, are already done with the outline still being put together. I'm excited about how they've all turned out, with some pretty unique power combinations:

Shadowman IX: The perfect corporate spy and master of shadow!

Dead Man Walker: A former Red Cross worker turned undead voodoo horror!

Rebuild: A master of robotics, complete with a bionic arsenal!

High Voltage: An NSA super-soldier and master of close combat!

Rebel Yell: An adorable Southern college student...with the powers of Sonic Manipulation!

and Pinpoint: A peerless archer and weaponsmith, capable of incredible feats of aim!

It'll be interesting to see how our heroes confront the difficulties of saving the former Soviet Republic of Kerplachistan from the horrors of the Ky'yrrr aliens! Can't hardly wait!


  1. I'm with the FWS crew. We are running 2 tables each slot as we had 7 of our regular players prereg and we wanted to be able to offer open slots for walk-ins. But if one of the tables I am to judge doesn't show, I think I'll try out the Cthulhu you mentioned. /cheers!

  2. Hiya! Always a pleasure to see more people at WittCon!

    If you do decide to play the CoC scenario, you're in for a treat. As I said, my wife is running it, and it's a pretty creepy little scenario she's got planned...

  3. Well, I hate to say that I hope one of our tables doesn't go off, but I do like me soem cthulhu...