Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Which The Warlock Gives His Props...

So, I know that I promised a review of Icons in my last entry. I'm holding off on running a session of it for a week, as Ebbs is heading to North Carolina for the long holiday weekend.
And, for that matter, I have a whole series of observations on AnCon that I need to toss in, once I get the pictures off of my new camera. However, this entry is about neither of them.

The WittKids and I have been attending Origins for the last 4 years. Each year has a been a blast, and we're excited to be finally running events at the Big O for the first time. However, Origins isn't without its foibles.

The most trying, most frustrating of these difficulties tends to come from event registration. Origins has had a hell of a time getting it sorted out over the last few years and, in comparison to its bigger cousin GenCon, it seems disorganized, slow, and inefficient.

Many, many gamers get frustrated at Origins for this aspect. GenCon has its events list up earlier, they cry. GenCon has online registration earlier, they wail. Some even put up the infantile argument of "This is stupid--I'm never going to Origins again!"

To them, I say "Good. More games for me, then. We didn't want you anyway."

People seem to forget that Origins is run by GAMA, a non-profit organization of game manufacturers, while GenCon is run by GenCon LLC--a corporation. GenCon has more funds and more ability at its disposal than GAMA does in putting on a con. For that matter, most of Origins' staff are volunteers--usually unpaid volunteers, who are reimbursed through other manners (free badges, free hotel rooms, free travel, etc.). The actual staff of GAMA works diligently with an ever-changing crew of people to provide one of the premier game shows in the country.

To them, I say "Thank you!" Thanks for putting up with all of the bull pucky that people throw down in their ignorance. Thanks for putting in long hours, fixing server crashes, addressing customer service e-mails, and aiding all of us in setting up a really great time.

So, thank you, GAMA. I'll see you in Columbus!


  1. The Gama people have done an outstanding job with only three full time employees. They also have one ofthe best press rooms of all the shows.

    I know that in 2005 I got to meeet with the operations man fo Gen Con just after he arrived on Thursday after being hires on Wednesday to run convention 2005. This was all pre chapter 11.

    Worst thing that happened to GAMA was when they transfered too much maoney and were put on a terrorist group watch list in 2006.

  2. This was kind of a rant entry, unfortunately. GAMA's taken all sorts of criticism over their difficulties in Event Registration, and a lot of it's been undue. Their show, every year we've gone, has been spectacular. It's just frustrating to see people get their panties in a twist over something that's, in the end, not that consequential.