Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Which The Warlock Delves Deep...

I've come to the realization that, somewhat unduly, I tend to rag on the RPGA more than I really should. While the RPGA doesn't typically interest me, it does get a lot of gamers together, and supports the hobby in a way that no other organization really does. Plus, the support it's given by WotC really aids in conventions, both large and small.

For once, though, the RPGA has piqued my interest--this year's Origins Game Fair.

You see, in our group, we rarely (if ever) get to actually play together. Sure, we play RPGs, but one of us (usually myself, Fred, or the PlatinumChick) act as the GM. That means that someone inevitably gets left out of the game in at least one aspect.

But, at Origins, if we have someone else run game...we can actually play together!

So, we signed up for a paragon-tier RPGA game--"Sibilant Whispers", which has something to do with a "mad warlock's prophecy in the East Rift". Thanks to the RPGA's guidelines for character generation, we're able to bring our own characters to the table, fresh from the DDI Character Builder.

The question was, though, what should we run? Then, as we e-mailed back and forth, it struck me:

an all-dwarf party! A clan!

I've never done something like this before. I've seen the possibilities for it on and a few other message boards, but I'd never even seen the results of running a one-race party, all of whom are related.

As such, I've been busy (in amongst packing, getting scenarios finalized, and prepping the house for our yearly sojourn) putting together our characters. I've put the finishing touches on my own: Hamish, son of Harrigan--a Dwarf Paladin of Amaunator. With waraxe in hand, he's ready to lay down some holy justice!

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