Saturday, July 24, 2010

In Which The Warlock Ships Out for a Week...

Just a brief off-day post for you, fellow gamers, to keep you appraised of a few things.

Firstly, your friendly neighborhood Warlock is shipping out tomorrow with the PlatinumChick for our long-delayed honeymoon in Orlando. While I might have sporadic access to 'teh Intarwebs', I won't be around enough next week to focus on blogging and the like. As such, the lovely and talented Ms. L (I guess it's Mrs. L now, but let's not get technical) will be providing a guest post next Wednesday. Enjoy!

Also, the WittKrew's GenCon plans are coming into focus finally. In fact, I managed to end up in a very special situation.

You see, Keith Baker--WotC designer and creator of the Eberron Campaign Setting--has been holding a contest over on his blog: Have Dice, Will Travel, for the rights to play in an exclusive, off-the-books 4e Eberron game, with him as GM! And, with a little bit of creative writing on the part of yours truly, I have a seat in this game! I'm definitely excited about this one...

You can see my contest-winning entry at HDWT: Week Two Results.

Adios, fellow gamers! Back in two weeks!

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