Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In Which The Warlock Returns to Blogging!

Wow.  Four months goes fast, doesn't it?!

While I'm still in the full-time job hunt, I've decided to refocus my writing efforts and get back on board the blogging train.  Maintaining a blog has been one of those routines that have kept me (relatively) sane over the past few years, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to provide my usual offbeat perspective once again in my scrolls.

On the home front, we haven't actually been doing a lot of serious gaming recently.  ChaoticFrederick ran a short 4e campaign, but mainly we've been subsisting on a steady stream of board games:  mainly Arkham Horror and Sentinels of Multiverse (which I now own every expansion for--thank you, Amazon gift cards!).  I'm looking to start a Planescape game in the near future and may be playtesting an upcoming Cold Steel Wardens campaign when Wittenberg is back in session.

Great for reading;
Even better as inspiration!
Speak of the devil, there's big news for Cold Steel Wardens!  We're forging our way through layout and gunning hard for a GenCon 2013 release.  Buzz has been really spectacular for my debut solo game and I've actually sold out of my five GenCon events!  For only running games on two days, that's a spectacular turn-out!

I'll be running the same two scenarios at GenCon that I ran at Origins:  "Needles by Moonlight", our two-hour demo session, and "We're All Mad Here!", my homage to Grant Morrison's classic Batman storyline, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.  Unfortunately, the PlatinumChick will not be joining me at GenCon.  That's a real shame, as her Birds of Prey-themed adventure, "Birds in Flight" was a huge hit!

One of the best parts about Origins, though, was meeting so many spectacular gamers.  Some of the newest ones that I've met, in fact, were the Rule Zero Podcast gang, who sat in a "Needles by Moonlight" demo game.  I made such an impression on them that they wanted to interview me!  Check out this interview, where we chat about comics, my gaming origins, some of the neat mechanics of CSW and more:  Rule Zero Podcast: Andy Klosky and Cold Steel Wardens

The whole publishing process has been a blur thus far, though the biggest surprise for me has been the phenomenal work my artists have done.  First up, take a gander at our cover art, done by the phenomenal Talon Dunning!

Cover art for Cold Steel Wardens
Created by Talon Dunning
And, we even have a spectacular logo, created by the enigmatic (though equally talented) Cheshire!

Trust me when I say this:  CSW is becoming a gorgeous book.  I can't wait to see it in print, and the days are coming very quickly!

As a last bit, so you know:  this entry marks my 398th blog entry.  Could it be that I'm gearing up for something big for number 400?!  Stay tuned, lovely readers!

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