Friday, September 28, 2007

News in the PlatinumLife

...only one item here: The PlatinumChick and I are officially engaged!

Cheers, all!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

More Fun with the Slam!

So, I decided to get back on the proverbial horse and work some more on Dungeon Slam!. Not feeling quite creative enough to take on the Encounter cards, I settled for working on the Potions/Miscellaneous Items, which I had yet to touch.

Most of the potions are fairly straightforward--they change your damage type, add damage to your strikes, or add to your stats for a short time. However, some of them are real killers.

My personal favorites are the Crystalline Freezer and the Malevolent Teleporter (which was the PlatinumChick's idea!). The Crystalline Freezer not only deals ice damage to a target player, but also forces them to lose a turn, if they fail their Quickness test.

However, the Malevolent Teleporter may well be even more devious. Played after another player's movement, but before they draw an Encounter Card, it teleports them to another part of the dungeon--either directly above them or directly above them.
Now picture this: Joe the Berzerker is low on Health and Arcana, and wants one last, easy encounter before heading back to TownTon to cash in his moolah. He moves into a White Encounter Tile--a position to get back to town next turn, only to have Bob the Alchemist slap a Malevolent Teleporter down.

Joe's only choices? A next-to-definitely-lethal Red Encounter, or a surely-lethal Black Encounter. Ha ha! Sucks to be Joe!

Only problem is that I'm running low on ideas for Spells. I have 23 down right now, but ideas are coming slow and short so far. If you have any, by all means: let me know!