Monday, June 18, 2007

Yay for D&D!

Y'know, one of the biggest complaints against D&D is the amount of tables, charts, numbers, and other assorted digitation. People often get so caught up in figuring out exactly how much can be lifted, carried, destroyed, or eaten, that they forget that it's a game. Yes...a game.

Which means that, if something is probably should occur.

I'll be honest--I was kind of worried about this game. After two sessions of character creation, and a lackadaisical first session which ended in an argument/character unconsciousness, I was wondering exactly how much I wanted to run this game. This is the first time I've run a game straight out of a book since my freshman year of college 7 years ago.

This past session--wow. I have never in over 20 years of gaming, had a game in which a PC ordered his beefed-out construct to use the corpse of a dire-wolverine as a flail to crush a tree-borne Verdant Lord, while the Warforged monk pummeled a summoned tree.

Great, cinematic game. No minis, very few tables...just gaming at its best.


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