Monday, December 31, 2007

The Slam! Nears Completion...

After a hectic holiday season, I've gotten some time to work on Dungeon Slam!. With that time, I've managed to complete nearly all of the game components:

* Character Cards--Characters done, stat values added in, starting skills completed. Completed--Awaiting Printing!

* Skill Cards--Skills revised and tuned, cards reformatted for printing. Completed--Awaiting Printing!

* Loot Cards--Loot awaiting revision and formatting for printing. Completed--Awaiting Printing

* Monster Encounters--monsters created and formatted for printing. Currently undergoing final showing markup!

* Non-Monster Encounters--awaiting formatting and revision. Currently undergoing final showing markup!

* Room Tiles--awaiting formatting for printing. Completed--Awaiting Printing!

* Board--already created, and awaiting the other game components.

* Minis--selected and awaiting online purchase. Arrived--awaiting assembly!

I honestly can't believe that this game has actually taken shape in the way it has. I'm so excited to be actually approaching a finished prototype--one that's ready to be playtested and demo-ed--I really don't know what to think!

Here's for hoping that you can swing by WittCon and see what I've been up to!

[Edited 1-8-08, for your pleasure...]

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