Friday, January 11, 2008

A Dungeon Slam! Preview--The Ragged Apprentice and the Staff of Night

Here's a preview of one of the Skull Sanctum encounters!

The game cards are completely finished and we're ready for printing! Yays!

Skull Sanctum Encounter


Dressed in rags and undeniably mad, eldritch energies swirl around this apprentice mage. The loss of his master seems to have caused him to lose his mind…

Combat Notes: Before combat, face the top Black Monster Encounter. This Monster is not kept as a trophy.

First Strike: +8
Attack: +13
Damage: 8 Lightning + 8 Fire + 2 Ice
Defense: 22 (Immune to Lightning, Fire)
Health: 20

If you defeat The Ragged Apprentice, you may use the Staff of Night! Keep this card!
If you use the Staff of Night, flip the top card of the Spell deck. Spend the appropriate amount of Arcana. That spell takes place immediately with no Intellect test necessary.

“The Staff of Night” counts as one of the the 3 Skull Sanctum artifacts necessary to win the game!

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