Saturday, March 15, 2008


So, the Warlock and his beautiful fiancee have noticed a significant thing: for each of the next months, we have a major gaming event, until June.

March: this weekend--WittCon V.
April: first weekend--Wright State's Con
May: Memorial Day--TopaCon at Bookery Fantasy
June: First weekend, D&D 4e comes out. Third weekend (my birthday!)--Free RPG Day. The next weekend? Origins!

As for tonight, friend to all gamers and friend to us Witt-Wegshogz, El Willy rolled into town, ready to run demos at Krystal Keep. I don't think he and his Minion Master were ready to run for 11 of us at once, though!

I'll have more details on the weekend as it progresses. Dungeon Slam! will be facing its public debut tomorrow, so there's all kinds of excitement from that! If you're in the neighboorhood, come see us at WittCon V!!!

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