Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WittCon V Wrap-Up....well, not yet.

I'd normally be giving you the run-down on WittCon V, but right now, I'm blogging from Pennsylvania, due to my grandfather's pending funeral.

Expect more news coming, this weekend, as to how the Con went, as well as some WEGS-o-riffic news...


  1. I'm so sorry.


  2. wow I am impressed andy you have another reader other than me.

  3. I'm pretty sure that about 4 people actively read this blog, Nick.

    You, Laura, Larry, and one of my kids, who Google-stalked me.

    I'd wonder why I still do this, but I like the catharsis of it.

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  5. Bad truncated comment. As I was saying I just came across your blog today when checking if Lionel had put the pictures from Saturday up for public consumption yet, and I'll probably pop by... at least when I remember.

    Provided, that is, that the platinumchick doesn't murder me after seeing a couple of the aforementioned pictures in which she is making highly funny faces.