Wednesday, July 09, 2008

In Which The PlatinumChick Has a Stroke...of Genius!

So, on the way back from Origins, after going out to O'Charley's with Lionel and his family, Jules struck upon a massively brilliant idea.

After roaming around at Origins, playing the massive series of games there, she expressed a desire to run game again. Jules is the resident Eberron-nut, and she was especially jazzed when she ran "Sharn's Eleven" at WittCon V, but felt a bit frustrated when she had to skip levels of the game, due to the slowdowns of 3.5e.

So, when she mentioned this idea in her car, driving back to Fairborn, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue.

We had 7 Witt-Weggers at Origins this year. Next year, at the very least, we'll have four of us, with at least two more already in the wings.

GAMA, the organization that runs Origins, offers incentives for people who run games at Origins. In fact, the basic incentive is free admission/payment reimbursement for that Origins Game Fair. The Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild, as an organization, is already registered as a GAMA member-organization.

Being a GAMA-affiliated organization allows you certain advantages, such as some flexibility in scheduling events...and choice of rooms., Rogue Cthulhu, Amorphous Blob--all of these have been able to get their own rooms and their own scheduling set up. Why not us?

The vision for next year: our very own Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild room. Maybe not for the entire show, but for at least a few days of it. If we can get each Witt-Wegger to run two games--our badges would provisionally be comp-ed, we can publicise both WittCon VI/VII, and get blind playtesting for both Dungeon Slam! and MOE.

I envision us in something like the Clark room--five tables of games, with each of us at one: myself running Dungeon Slam! or the Cthulhu Dark Ages scenario, "Deus Vult!"; Ebbs running MOE or his "Ninja Nuttiness" scenario; Lionel running Paranoia or his d20 Zombies scenario; Jules running d20 Modern or "Sharn's Eleven"....
...and, coupled with this--the WittCon banner hung for all to see, business cards with the guild-website and contact info, a tack-board with pictures from prior WittCons, and laser-etched dice (cheaper than you think!) with the Guild Shield.

If this works, we could potentially even look at having guests in, as well--El Willy comes immediately to mind, but others too...

Are we on to something here? Could this work? It's time to send some e-mails...

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