Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Which The Warlock Presents His 2009 Origins Schedule!

After all the anticipation (and some near-"no-go" status!), the Witt-Weggers finally got their registration sorted out. As such, here's my schedule for this year's excursion!

One thing to keep in mind: You'll notice that nearly every day (except Friday), I have nothing scheduled from 2pm-4pm. During that time, Lionel, Ebbs, and myself will be over at El Willy's WEGS booth, helping out with the WEGS Power Play Hour! If you're in the area, come by for a quick tutorial on the one-and-only Wickedly Errant Gaming System, and some of the nastiest baddies on the block!


500--Origins Premiere Track-- Playtest Event--10am-12 noon
6105--The Hunt for Heresy Continues!--Dark Heresy--7pm-11pm

6253--A Dead Man's Party--D&D 4e--9am-1pm
6506--SG-1: White Plume Mountain--Stargate d20--7pm-11pm

3758--Chrononauts Demo--Chrononauts--10am-12 noon
6794--The Ghosts of Mistmoor--Ravenloft 4e--1:30pm-9pm (!!!)

4263--Giant Settlers of Catan--Mayfair Games--10am-12 noon
7233--The Dragon Helm of Hador--D&D 4e--6pm-10pm
4664--Trailer Park Wars Demo--10pm-midnight

7461--Intro to CthulhuTech--CthulhuTech--10am-12 noon
4786--CutThroat Caverns--Smirk and Dagger Games-12 noon-2pm.

See you in Columbus, cats and kittens!

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