Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Which The Warlock Makes the Best. Map. Evar.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our Friday night group had decided to re-boot the "Pirates of the Underdark" idea that we had attempted to play about a year and a half ago, before life decided to interfere.

So, this past weekend, at our session, we continued the introductory storyline: a gnomish arcanist had borrowed a huge amount money from a powerful drow house and Mathir (Jules' drow sorceress) was charged with collecting on the way or another.

The chase led them to a drow-owned warehouse, being rented by their gnomish loan-jumper, which led to a huge, pitched battle...which utterly confused the players as I began setting up the map.

We've started gaming at Ken (our newest player)'s house, so I roamed about his dining/living room, picking up whatever objects I could find: back massagers, plastic containers, a box from a "Pokemon" booster pack. They laughed, as my map became a maelstrom of found objects....all of which were interactive with them in the warehouse. "Crates" could be moved, gratings pushed away and used as cover. You name it, it was there.

The best part, though, was something I can't take credit for. El Willy created a creature for WEGS, known lovingly as the Column-Golem.

The Column-Golem is a stupid, yet devastating creature. It moves only in straight lines, and aggressively pounds any poor soul that gets in its way. I took the Column-Golem and re-skinned it, making it into a Gnomish Crate-Loader Golem. During the battle, with spells and arrows flying, the Crate-Loader just roamed about, calmly loading boxes....

...that is, until it got a hold of Will's drow rogue, and attempted to box him up. Twice. Will, luckily, didn't fight back--I used the stats for a Iron Gorgon (level 13 Elite!) as a template for the Crate-Loader--but both times he was grabbed, and placed calmly in a crate, packed away for safe-keeping.

The best environments really are the interactive ones. With surroundings like that, you almost don't need enemies! still need enemies. :D


  1. Mayhaps Column Golem will make his way to the Minion of the Month list...

  2. Can't wait to see it, man. For that matter, can't wait to see you and your crew at Origins!