Monday, August 08, 2011

In Which The Warlock Holds His Cards Close to the Chest...

Sorry about the late entry once more, fellow gamers.  I just got back from GenCon Indy last night, after running sessions of The Laundry for Cubicle 7.  While I had a blast, and I'm eager to share my thoughts on the games and the convention itself, I'm still organizing all of my pictures, and getting my thoughts together.

So, in the meanwhile, take a look at my first real attempt at making a Cold Steel Wardens character:  Crackdown, an urban avenger out to take back the streets!

Name:                  Crackdown (James Robertson)
Concept:              Inner City Avenger

Magnetism:  4
Agility:  3
Force:  5
Intellect:  3
Accuracy:   2
Nerve:   5
Awareness:   4
Psyche:  4

Derived Stats:

Pace:  5 (2+Agility)
Defensive Value: 10 (Agility+Nerve+Boxing Bonus)
Wealth/Status: 6 (Intellect+Reputation)
Physical Strain: 16 (BP=8)
Mental Strain:   14 (BP=6)
XP:  0

Brutal (No non-lethal attacks)
Psychosis (Insomnia)
--Nemesis (The White Russian)
--Obligation (Inner City After-School Program)
--Low-Tech (-4 dice when using high-tech)

Boxing (+2 dice on Unarmed attacks, +2 DV)
Staredown (Intimidate multiple foes, free Intimidate at Init.)
Untouchable (foes at -2 to hit, after successful Intimidation)
Vehicle (Motorcycle)

Blast 4 (Electrical Shock)
--Optional Effect: Usable on Unarmed Attacks

Physical Skills:
Athletics              4              (Force 5)
Stealth                 3              (Agiliity 3)
Unarmed             5              (Agility 3)
Armed Melee    2              (Agility 3)
Armed Ranged  2              (Accuracy 2)

Investigative Skills:
Notice                  4              (Awareness 4)
Investigation     2              (Awareness 4)
Canvass              4              (Magnetism 4)
Examination      1              (Awareness 4)
Research             2              (Intellect 3)

Social Skills:
Persuade             2              (Magnetism 4)
Deception           3              (Magnetism 4)
Intimidation      6              (Magnetism 4/Force 5)
Insight                  2              (Awareness 4)
Reputation         3              (Magnetism 4)

Knowledge Skills:
Cultural                1              (Intellect 3)
Criminal               4              (Intellect 3)
Esoteric                3              (Intellect 3)
Historical             1              (Intellect 3)
Scientific             1              (Intellect 3)

Technical Skills:
Driving                 3              (Accuracy 2)
Piloting                 0              (Accuracy 2)
Mechanical         0              (Intellect 3)
Vehicle Comb.  0              (Accuracy 2)
Fine Manip.        3              (Accuracy 2)

Free-Running (Athletics); Hiding (Stealth); Spot Motion (Notice); Canvass Underworld (Canvass); Bluffing (Deception); “The Stare” (Intimidation); Violent Display (Intimidation);  Gangs (Criminal Know); Metahuman Abilities (Esoteric Know); Motorcycle (Drive)
Graduation from Moore College, after growing up in the inner city.
Foundation of after-school program to get kids off of the street.
Death of Sean Williamson, one of James' first "kids".
Take back the streets for the innocent and underprivledged.
Take down the gangs that have infested the ghetto.
Shut down the White Russian's gun-running operation.
"If you get in my way, I take you down...hard."
"The cops are in the pocket of the mob anyway."
"I'm not going to hurt a kid; I don't care if he does have a gun."
"Every cent I take from these bastards is a gun off the streets, and new equipment for the kids..."
(As always, this material is playtest only, and is subject to change.  Cold Steel Wardens and the MAFIANAP mechanics and game system is copyright A.P. Klosky, 2011, trademarks pending.)


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Obviously the system is still in development, but how long does it take to create a character like that? Do you see the length of character creation changing with more experienced characters? Are these estimates likely to change with more revisions?

  2. Would you believe that this character only took about 15 minutes? I anticipate new players' characters might take a bit longer, but went a lot faster than I had thought.

    I'm hoping to keep the character generation time short, but I still want a good deal of customization. If a newbie can do it in under half an hour, I'll be really pleased.

    We'll see how things go this fall!