Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Which The Warlock Presents Ramon Perez Francisco Villa-Nueva...

With The Journeyman GM's game having reached its conclusion, I figured now would be a great time to post the final "known" stats of my Fencer-hexslinger, Ramon.  Enjoy the stats!

Ramon Perez Francisco Villa-Nueva

Strength:         d8                                            Charisma:      +1
Agility:           d10                                          Grit:                6
Vigor:             d6                                            Pace:               6
Smarts:           d10                                          Parry:              8
Spirit:             d8                                            Toughness:     5


Code of Honor (Spanish Chivalric Code)
Outsider—Raised in Florida, Spain
Enemy (Minor)—Mexican Army and Santa Ana
One Arm (VotWW)
Soul Sympathy (VotWW)


Veteran of the Weird West
Arcane Background—Huckster
New Power:  Deflection
New Power:  Quickness
New Power:  Gambler
True Grit (+1 Grit)
High Roller (+1 Card when casting a hex)
Quick Draw (May draw or stow weapon as a free action)
Acrobat (+1 Parry, +2 to all Agility tricks)
Frenzy (may make 2 Fighting attacks as one action, at -2 penalty)
First Strike (make a free attack, if an enemy moves into melee range)
Right Hand of the Devil (Cutlass of Estevanico)


Knowledge: Occult—d8
Knowledge: Philosophy—d8
Knowledge: Mathematics—d6

Powers and Trappings:

Altibajo” (Boost/Lower Trait)—Ramon takes up a new fighting stance, or steels himself for the task at hand.
“Estocada” (Smite)—Ramon’s cutlass flashes with arcane energy, damaging any who touch it.
“Remoto Tajo” (Bolt)—Ramon lunges, and a ghostly form leaps from his body, impaling a distant target.
“Desviar” (Deflection)—Ramon’s form shimmers as he parries away weapons, claws, and even bullets.
“Herir de Tiempo” (Quickness)—Moving faster than the eye can follow, Ramon launches a series of attacks.
“Arriesgarse” (Gambler)—Ramon spends a few moments in quiet reflection, tracing geometric patterns in the ground with his cutlass.

Key Gear:

Cutlass of Estevanico—Relic Cutlass—Strength +2d8
Boot Knife
Smoke Pellets
Restoration Elixirs and Sampson’s Elixirs
The Heart of Darkness diamond, in a lacquered (and securely locked!) box

Accompanied by “Skippy” the Huckster, whom Ramon helped to release from Rock Island Prison.


  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    You might add a list of accomplishments too! Surviving attacks from Los Diablos and Stone, not to mention killing Grimme (for now!), helping to blow up Rock Island Prison, and traveling into the Hunting Grounds are no small feats!

  2. Well, let's see:

    --Tracked down the Heart of Darkness to the Tremendae gang, then pursued it across the Weird West.
    --Defeated Los Diablos (only one of two party members to survive their attack).
    --Infiltrated and destroyed Rock Island Prison.
    --Acquired incontrovertible proof of Rev. Grimme's state-sponsored cannibalism, and turned it over to the Texas Rangers.
    --Killed Rev. Grimme on Bloody Sunday with a single sword blow.
    --Stole the Heart of Darkness out from under Stone's nose.
    --Met "The Ghost", Andrew Lane, and exhorted him to negotiate with the Confederacy over control of Lost Angels.
    --Fought through Devil's Tower, and escaped Stone's attack.
    --Traveled through the Hunting Grounds, reaching the far future of the Wasted West!

    That's a pretty storied career!