Sunday, January 15, 2012

In Which The Warlock Finds a New Way to Challenge a Player...

Now that our holiday festivities are over, we've finally gotten back in the swing of things with our weekly games out here.  "The Flood" has really started to heat up, as our posse have managed to track down a displaced group of Hopi and Apache Indians, calling themselves the "Necessity Alliance".  Believing that these natives could hold the key to stopping Reverend Grimme's reign of terror, the posse agreed to help find the shaman Sees-Far-Ahead, tracking him--in a rather grisly way:  the severed finger of the shamaness Born-in-a-Bowl--to the Jehosephat Valley overlooking the City of Lost Angels.

An image of Jehosephat Jerusalem.
Still, not a nice place to be!
Jehosephat Valley, in the public's eye, is the "potters' field" for Lost Angels--those not of the faithful are buried here in tasteful, if austere, accomodations.

In reality, Jehosephat Valley is deadland.  As in:  Terror Level 6, "Bad Things Live Here" deadland.  In reality, it's where the bones from all of the victims of Grimme's Sunday-afternoon 'feasts' get discarded. 

After sneaking into the cemetary, the posse ran afoul of the Jehosephat minister...who swiftly recognized two of the group as wanted fugitives from Lost Angels, and leapt into action.  Fleeing the guards, deeper and deeper into the cemetary, as the sun refused to rise...the group saw it:  the living, charnel bone-piles discarded by Grimme's feasts.

Now, this is where FridayNightWill got himself into trouble.  You see, Born-in-a-Bowl's finger, still twitching and writhing, had freed itself from its box and began bounding along the path, deep into the charnel wastes....leading Will right into the path of some vicious bone fiends.

Separated from the group--the rest were fending off a legion of Guardian Angels--Will fell beneath the blows of the bone fiends, falling unconsious...

...and that's when it came to me.  You see, the bone fiends aren't the only denizens of the Jehosephat Valley graveyard.  Rather, there are quite a few errant spirits roaming the boneyard, and despite the fact that the PlatinumChick's shamaness managed to get Will back on his feet, there are going to be consequences for this one...but that will have to wait for our next session!

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