Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Which The Warlock Presents His Nefarious Plot...

Apologies for the slightly late entry, but I wanted to hold off until I actually sent off the e-mail to FridayNightWill with the fate of his gunslinger!

Take a gander!

As you drift in and out of consciousness, the shamaness' magic streams over you and through your mind. Images flash into your mind.

All you can hear, though, is the screaming: the wailing and gnashing of spectral teeth, ephemeral fingernails against a stone slab. Screaming, crying, begging, all you can remember is wanting to be free again.

You remember vividly who put you here. You remember the years spent in Rock Island Prison, facing torment after torment, at the hands of Grimme and his men. But you would not renounce your would not give in. That's when the butchers came, and flayed you alive. That's when they put you this stone tomb.

You remember nothing from your life before. Your memories are hazy, and only come in fragments. You remember a great crowd, speaking before them and leading them across a vast waste. But aside from that? Simply faces in the mist...not even your own name.
Okay, that's the flavor text. Here's the meat.
Something (or someONE!) is living in your head now. A spirit from the graveyard is in your head, with its own motivations, ideas and desires. Above all else is vengeance, coupled with the mystery of who you really are...
Sometimes the mind acts on its own. When it does, it has a power you've never felt, coursing from some unseen source. Unfortunately, sometimes it wants control...and it knows how to get it.
Occasionally, I'll ask for an opposed Spirit test. You want to win these. Otherwise, you may find yourself in some dire straits!
Good luck!

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