Monday, August 11, 2008

In Which The Warlock Experiences a Bit of a Slowdown, but Gives Some Props...

There's not a whole lot on the horizon going on right now, so I figure that I'll catch up on a few other things while I have the chance.

--The new kitty is great, and Tikka is finally getting used to the idea to having a friend is finally starting to appeal to her. We've even caught them cuddling once in a while! Who knew?

--4e is a ton of fun to run, and to play. As one of our regular players for Dark Heresy has been out of town recently, we've been running a 4e one-off in our usual Friday slot. Also, Lionel's begun to run Keep on the Shadowfell, and my Dwarven Warlock Ignatius has barely survived his encounter with Irontooth. We're about halfway to our first level, and our team has finally started to work together as a group. All is well...

--Dungeon Slam! is moving apace, in its 3.5 incarnation. I have a lot to do, particularly in terms of skills and the like, but it's really starting to become a real game. Here's for hoping that I can start contacting companies about all this!

--GenCon's still a possibility at this point, but it's looking rough at this point. That said, it may be worth going if for no other reason than the WEGS specials that El Willy is giving away. An honest-to-goodness Copper Pot alone might tempt me to make the trip!

--As I mentioned previously, Laura gave me some kudos for my work on this blog. I don't really read a lot of blogs, aside from the ones in my blogroll, off to the side, so I guess I'll give some shout-outs to those sites that I spend my time playing around on:

1) Zero Punctionation (at The Escapist). Ben "Yahtzee" Crowshaw may well be one of the funniest game reviewers on the face of the planet. Delivered in his trademark breathless style, he delivers scathing bile and well-constructed criticism in the same breaths. (Link is in my link-index).

2) Aaron Williams, of Nodwick and Full Frontal Nerdity fame, spends a ton of time not only on his quality geekdom comics, but also blogging on various geeky topics, including Flash games, Nodwick

3) The Table-top Gamers forum, hosted in Cincy, is currently the home of WEGS-goers nationwide on the web. Kain (and his accompanying hottie) are good people, and being able to chat with El Willy, Wt2, and their crew is always a plus. TableTop Gamers--WEGS Forum

4) For a really unique take on a D&D game, check out Sigil Prep. Imagine, if you will, a college for adventuring--full of modern anachronisms and Buffy the Vampire Slayer references--set in Sigil, the weirdest city in D&D-dom. Read through it, and enjoy... Sigil Prep

and, finally:
5) If you love Settlers of Catan, you've got it made here! JSettlers

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