Monday, August 25, 2008

In Which The Warlock Screws Up His Updating Schedule...

Sorry about the delay, oh blog-ly few! With the school year beginning, I haven't had much time to even think, much less put down a blog entry!

However, I did set aside some time for a new project. The PlatinumChick, following our Dark Heresy game, has offered to run some 4e, provided that she has the time/ability. In order to make the prep time easy on her (in addition to 4e's general quickness, especially compared to 3e), we've talked about creating an "open source world" where all of our players help world-build, creating various plot points.

As part of this, I've started work on my own little campaign setting. Nothing's in firm yet, but the feel is going to be something of a blend of Diablo's "Sin Wars", the classic SNES RPG Chrono Trigger, and a touch of Eberron. Imagine a world in which the humans are the invaders, disrupting a perfectly-good century-long war between the fiends of the Underworld and the sentient races.

As such, here's a preview!

Tor Branael

Description: An originally eladrin nation that, long ago, had spread to threaten their nearby neighbors, including the Kharalash dwarves of the northern tundra. Tor Branael was annihilated by a combined force of humans and savage elves, but the remains of the eladrin still live on as a nation of sentient undead. Freed from the necessities of survival—food, drink, and the like—they focus on unearthing eldritch secrets of magic and building their massive war machine.

Architecture: Predominantly green glass, in neo-Gothic style. Mainly in ruins.

Trade: No major trade.

Power Players: The Worm that Walks and the Sons of Kyuss. Archcardinal Tanthelas, Praesidus Mordain

Major Races: Eladrin, elves (mainly as slaves), tieflings

Allies: None

Enemies: Kharalash dwarves, Zeal Eladrin, all elves, Sanctuary humans.


Description: The Kharalash tundra is considered to be a wasteland. However, the dwarves that inhabit it have eked out an existence on the snowy plains for centuries. Decendents of the original dwarven inhabitants, they have been amongst the most staunch warriors and arcanists to walk the earth. Specifically, the Kharalash dwarves are made up of loosely confederated clans that typically compete in economic matters, but unite under the single snow-boar banner in times of war. The Thunderous Boar clan has been in ascendance for several decades, though others, such as the Winter Serpent clan, would raise challenge to that claim.

Architecture: Wood lodge style (Pacific Northwest Indian).

Trade: Furs, gold, silver, game, leather goods.

Power Players: Warchief Durgan Thunderous Boar; FrostMourne (White Dragon); Thorgrim Winter Serpent (popular sub-chief)

Major Races: Dwarves, humans, tieflings, dragonborn.

Allies: Sanctuary Humans

Enemies: Zeal Eladrin, Tor Branael Eladrin.

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