Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Which The Warlock Shoots for a Hat Trick...

With another of my beloved Pittsburgh teams bringing home a championship--the Pens winning the Stanley Cup, over Detroit in Game 7--I guess it's only fitting that we open with a hockey theme.

Origins starts next week, and the Witt-Kids out here are all a-buzz with excitement. Lionel's desperate to get his hands on the long-errant copy of "Oh, My God, There's An Axe In My Head", which he's been waiting for since last year's geek-fest. Ebbs is eager to get his hands on some new minis, to say nothing of info on Rogue Trader, the next Warhammer 40k RPG supplement. And me? I already mentioned my two frenzies in the last post. On top of that, I'll hopefully be able to keep you fully abreast of all things geek, live-blogging each night after the carnage goes down!

But the thing that really has me jazzed is the WEGS Power Play (see, there's a reason I went with a hockey theme!). Now that it's finally been "officially" announced by El Willy, I can talk about our involvement with it.

The WEGS Power Play is a high-stakes demo game that we'll be hosting at El Willy's booth each day at Origins, between 2pm and 4pm. Each time, the Witt-Wegger crew, and whomever shows up, will face off against a new, hard-hitting baddie, ready to bring the pain. Obviously, we won't be alone--El Willy, Willy the 2, and all of his native WEGS-crew will be out in force, ready to pit their dice against ours!

Plus, each person that joins us around the table will get a free deck of Origins 2009 Commemerative playing cards--the perfect things for throwing down a round of Dingbitt's Roundhouse, or WEGS SuperZ Blackjack!

If you're coming to the Origins Game Fair, come see us between 2pm and 4pm, at the Gamewick Games booth--booth 327, on "Diplomacy Avenue", right next to the Paint and Take area.

Keep your stick on the ice, gamers! The Big O is next week, and we're ready to rock!

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