Monday, June 29, 2009

Origins 2009--Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Photo Gallery!

Ebbs peruses Monsterpocalypse minis.

Doctor Who Cosplay.

Playing Ravenloft on the big screen with the d20Pros.

Karl peruses his options in Ravenloft.

GM Dan gives Will a lot to think about.

Giant Settlers of Catan.

Lionel tells Jules exactly where she can get some wood.

Happy Happy Settlers players!

Lionel tries Jules' "Pho Ba" at North Market.

Jules, cosplaying as Black Canary at Origins 2009.

Willy the 2 and Don bring the pain on Saturday's Power Play.

A Legendary Encounter--Kim the Elf Warrior meets the WittWeggers!

Black Cat Cosplay

The whole group at the BattleTech Simulator

Karl preps his mech-mashing strategy.

Maranda, Ebbs, and Lionel at Trailer Park Wars.

Karl and the GM at Trailer Park Wars.

Jules enjoys her trailer park's amenities.

Jules meets Chainmail Speedo Guy.

Poison Ivy Cosplay at Origins 2009.

Sunday Power Play at the WEGS Booth.


  1. Aaaaah! Chainmail thong man!

    Actually, that's not a bad name for a game adventure...

    Invasion Of The Chainmail Thong Men From Pluto...


    Great times, Mr. Platinum!

  2. And thanks, thanks, thanks for organizing the Power Play with the amazing Witthogs!

  3. I couldn't pass up a photo like that--just in case I ever need any incriminating evidence against the PlatinumChick in the near future. ;)

    Again, no worries on the Power Play. It was a ton of fun on our end, and we really got some word out, it seemed. Any time, man...