Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Which The Warlock Shows Off...

In my last post, I got to brag a little bit about finally having some space for our game...this time around, I can actually show it off!

The Shelves

No game room is complete without shelving, for all of the geek accessories. The left side of our shelves contains all of our comic books/graphic novels, as well as our D&D 4e stuff. WEGS gets a special place of honor here, too! All hail the Copper Pot!

The Shelves--Part 2

The right side of our shelving contains all our other games--Call of Cthulhu, Dark Heresy, Heroes Unlimited, and more--as well as all of our outdated D&D stuff. Jules wanted to keep her Eberron books after 3e, and I'm a sucker for both Ravenloft and Planescape, so they stayed, of course. We also keep the stereo in here, just in case we need some "mood music" for those epic battle scenes!

Our Game Table!

I've been aching for a huge table for entirely too long. We actually stopped having game at our apartment, in favor of Ken's house, as he had a slightly larger table than us. This one, though, is massive! It's over 6' long, and it's heavy as all get out. Plus, it has a neat stone inlay. I couldn't pass this one up. Yay for Craigslist!

Game Room--Full Shot

And here's our room, in all its glory. We still have to get the fireplace fixed up--we have some money set aside from our house-closing for that--but it's absolutely wonderful as is. The cabinets beside the fireplace house our board games, our minis, and all of our other gaming regalia. Breaking in this room is going to be a pleasure!


  1. Nice, Andy!

    That's a mighty game table you folks got there!

    Why do I picture you guys playing Cthulhu by firelight...

  2. Trust me, I can't wait for that. This winter, We've got it all tuned for some tentacled horror. :D