Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Which The Warlock Takes a Grand New Step...

One of the biggest, most drool-inducing items at this past Origins were put forward by a relatively new company called Geek Chic (Geek Chic's website.)

However, this company doesn't make dice, battle mats, or minis. They make furniture. Geek furniture.

Now, I'm not talking about Captain America-themed bed-frames now. Rather, they make game tables, like the Sultan and the Emissary, and geek-filing system for comics like the Alexandria Codex. Now, they pride themselves on the fact that their products are "heirloom quality" and can withstand the test of time in high style. I'm honestly not sure about that aspect, but the tables were gorgeous, regardless.

No, I'm not getting one of their tables--at least not at this point. But, they did make me realize. For the first time in my life, I have my very own gamer-space. I have an entire room, devoted specifically for playing board-games/rpgs/what-have-you. Yes, I know it's my dining room, but with only Jules and I here...we typically dine in the living room or kitchen. Now, for the first time, I have my own game room.

I started gaming around such a dining table--in 6th grade, my first D&D game was around my old buddy Nathaniel's grandparents' table. I then graduated to my own downstairs basement hideaway, with friends surrounding our ping-pong table on '70s-tastic bar stools.

In college, we ended up finding space wherever we could. Crowded dorm rooms, abandoned study lounges, reserved classrooms after classes had finished...any space could work.

But now? I have it all at my fingertips, and in relative luxury.

Now if I only had a table to finish the ensemble! How much was that Emissary again?

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