Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Warlock's Origins 2009 Wrap-Up


That about sums it up.

The last week or so, since Origins, has been an absolute whirlwind both around the table and in "real-life".

The PlatinumChick and I finally closed on the house in Englewood that we've been eyeing up for several months now, which means that our gaming sessions finally have some room to spread out! With luck, we'll have a suitable gaming table by the end of the week to go with our fantastic new game room. Pics, undoubtedly, will be forthcoming.

Mind you, this all occurred not two days after getting back from the Big O, which was a blast in and of itself. It's kind of funny--every year, after getting back, all of the Witt-Weggers lament the fact that it's going to be another year, before we hit up the gaming-nirvana of Origins again.

However, we do have a few massive priorities for next year!

Run Some Games! I know I said this after last year's Origins, but this time everyone's on board. I experienced a little hesitance when I mentioned GMing some events at Origins last time, but the interest is definitely there this time around, particularly for some of the more "esoteric" offerings.

Provide Some Variety! Part of the biggest issue with running some games, is the fact that many of our favorites haven't been offered in any major capacity. The number of Call of Cthulhu games dropped significantly since Rogue Cthulhu didn't show up, and only one Dark Heresy game was offered at all. This is to say nothing of some other Guild favorites like WEGS, Heroes Unlimited, and Ork! Being able to share some of our ready-built offerings could be a ton of fun.

Get the Word Out on WittCon! One of the advantages of having Origins so close-by, is the fact that many gamers commute, using the one-day pass option. That means that they might be fairly responsive to driving out to Springfield, for another day of gaming! Here's for hoping, on this front, but the results have yet to be seen.

Continue to Feast Like Gamer-Kings! If nothing else, the food at Origins has been mind blowing. Tons of great places abound in the Short North, and adding more to our repertoire has got to be a priority for next year. Schmidts', India Oven, and so many other places have yet to be tried, and that's not counting our favorites like the Japanese Steak House! Om nom nom, fellow gamers.

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