Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Cathedral of Erudition (Part II--Moradin)

(This post is a continuation of a project that I began a few posts ago, dealing with a multi-partite church within the city of Blackfall. As I'm up to my eyeballs in wedding planning currently, enjoy these vignettes! I'll get back to my normal updates after a few...)

Moradin: The Watchful Sentinel of Blackfall

Moradin, Lord of the Forge and Wielder of Guldarak, is viewed most primarily in the aspect of the Watchful Sentinel. When found in iconography, he is typically shown to be in plate armor, wielding his mythic hammer against the foes of civilization. The primary duties of the faith of Moradin at the Cathedral include the following:
• Manning the Cathedral’s defenses.
• Serving in King Maelbrek IV’s honor guard.
• Training initiates at the Cathedral in basic weapons training.
• Forging and upkeep of weapons/armor for the Cathedral.
• Securing or disposing of evil artifacts in the vaults, below the Cathedral.
The current Sentinel Marshal of the Cathedral is Garius Larano (Half-Elf Paladin 18), who has held the post for only 4 years. His predecessor, Kaelos dral Ghalalesh (Dwarf Fighter 22), stepped down from the post after having served as Sentinel Marshal for nearly 58 years.

Typically, the faithful of Moradin have the least amount of influence within the Cathedral itself, under normal operations. Larano has little interest in the day-to-day politics and administration of the Cathedral, and is content to leave it to those within Erathis’ faith that are more interested in such things.

Rather, Larano has a much deeper interest in keeping the safety and sanctity of Blackfall intact. He, as well as many of his lieutenants and advisors, believe that one method of doing so centers around the acquisition and cleansing of evil artifacts, thereby keeping them from the hands of those that would use them in their intended manner. Thusfar, Larano has established a series of secret crypts, deep beneath the Cathedral proper, wherein numerous vile relics are housed, in the hopes that they can be destroyed. The heads of the other two orders—Ioun and Erathis—are aware of these crypts, as entrance to them requires at least two of the three heads to be present.

The Faithful Soldiers of the Watchful Sentinel

Currently, approximately 35% of the initiates at the Cathedral of Erudition have displayed their devotion to Moradin specifically. This provides Garius Larano with a significant advantage in numbers, in his quest to quell the forces of evil surrounding Blackfall.
Racially, there is a tendency for dwarven initates to tend towards Moradin (due primarily to their racial beliefs), though this population also includes numerous humans, goliaths, and shifters. Of particular note is Valandor CXIV—a deva cleric, who counts herself amongst Moradin’s faithful.
Classwise, the Faithful Soldiers tend to favor a staunch defense. Paladins are particularly common, nearly outnumbering true clerics. Invokers provide magical support from afar, raining down brimstone and hellfire upon their foes. Warlocks are a surprisingly large contingent within the Faithful Soldiers, particularly of the Vestige pact. Similarly, Artificers and Warlords compromise significant populations, bringing arcane constructs and expert tactical leadership to their ranks.

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