Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In Which The Warlock Burns the Candle at Both Ends...

Wow. As the month rips on, there's so much gaming chaos out here that I can barely stand it, to say nothing of all the other chaos going on.

Last weekend, we WittWeggers hit up the Springfield "Champion City ComicCon", to throw down some WEGS demos. Within the 8 hours, we pulled off four packed games of the con-classic "Dwarf Walks into a Bar" and our own creation "Return to Castle Von Yumminstein," complete with candy minions!

I'll spare you the majority of the details and just go ahead and link you to my Facebook album, where you can see all of the carnage (and the lovely cosplayers) firsthand! Springfield "Champion City ComicCon" Facebook Photo Album

After the exhaustion of the con, I was surprised to still have it in me to begin my new, Tuesday night D&D game: an Eberron campaign I'm calling 'Echoes of the Last War'. Just this past Tuesday, our group generated characters, getting geared up to...well, attend a funeral. Our intrepid heroes are all acquaintances of the late Thondred ir'Dayne, a renowned dwarf adventurer, and have been invited to his wake/will-reading.

On top of this, I'm still running my lovely players through "Pirates of the Underdark". While Captain Zane Degali has left the group (in search of sand gnomes, presumably), two new characters have joined the crew as they search for a way to steal the black diamond staff held by the One Living Man--a pirate-necromancer, leading a crew of the dead!

And, all of this is to say nothing of the writing I've been doing! During my 4th period prep, I've been holding mini-"jam sessions" where I've been writing up WEGS and WEGS SuperZ scenarios. Already in the books are Z1 and Z2, for SuperZ: "The Island of the Terrible Dr. Crab-Clops" and "Rise of the Midnite SonZ", as well as my own WEGS turn: "One Shitty Adventure" and, shortly, a conversion of the immortal D&D adventure "White Plume Mountain".

It just doesn't end out here!

On top of all this, we're getting set up for our geek-wedding, as well. The PlatinumChick has spent quite a bit of time, painting her ninjas to top our "pirates vs. ninjas" wedding cake, and I wrote up a brief table-game for our guests to make use of their favors at the reception: personalized dice!

I tell you: I'll be glad when all this calms down, but it doesn't look like there's an end in sight shortly. Suffice to say, I'll keep you up on the hot gaming action!

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