Wednesday, December 08, 2010

In Which The Warlock is Made of Plastic...So Fantastic!

Each year, my family asks me to write a Christmas list for them.  Being a typical nerd, they rarely know how to shop for me, regarding presents, so they want some suggestions.  By and large, most of my suggestions are pretty par for the course:  this year, I'm hoping for the Inception dual copy, the so-called World's Greatest GM Screen, and copy of Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition for my new PS3 (yay for Black Friday!), among other things.

But, they always ask me about gift cards, as well.  Again, most of the stores are ones you'd expect--Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc.--but one stood out to even The PlatinumChick:  The Container Store. 

You see, friends and neighbors, I have a problem.  I'm having a love affair with Sterilite.

When it comes to my gaming supplies, organization has become more and more important to me, particularly when heading out on the convention circuit.  If I can't get what I need from Point A to Game B and back to Hotel Room C, I have a definite problem!  This idea has even spawned whole threads on as gamers try to keep their goods sorted and close at hand.  And, it's been Sterilite containers (and their ilk) that have kept me running efficiently.  Really, it's become a little bit of an obsession...

So, I figured it's come time to take a look at how I've been doing it!

The Minis carrier!

Once 4e came out, my minis collection had been growing almost exponentially.  So, when finding somewhere to put the little guys, I figured that I'd need something large, with a lot of small compartments to hold the minis relatively in place.  This Plano tackle box has been holding my minis ever since.  And, at $25, it wasn't unreasonable in terms of price, either.  Definitely better than the Games Workshop army carriers, which retail between $60 and $100!

Minis carrier, expanded.
However, this isn't without its own drawback.  While I'm able to hold a lot of minis in the Plano, they do tend to be just a touch loose, which can lead to chipping and the like, if the minis aren't properly sealed.  Wear and tear does take its toll, all told.  However, the sheer amount of figures it's able to hold--at least 200, right now--plus the bottom storage area--make it a really efficient way to get the minis around.  Plus, the Plano is equipped with a really high quality handle and two solid latches, which keep it sealed when you want to keep it closed.  This was definitely a solid investment on my part.

Dungeon Tiles and More!
In terms of storing Dungeon Tiles and other items, though, I needed to find something smaller.  Two of the biggest things I look for in Sterilite containers are high quality latches and ease of carrying.  I made that mistake with our painting supplies, and the container broke while I was carrying it from at Wittenberg game-night.  The Tiles container has the added advantage of having removable sections, which are customizable.  As you can see, I'm able to fit all but the largest of tiles in this container (pictured are 5 full sets of Dungeon Tiles!), which in turn I keep in the Plano. 

Organizing SunnyVale Acres!
Even SunnyVale Acres hasn't escaped my organizational hand.  One of the nicest things about producing SVA has been the fact that it fits in a relatively small box, which in turn fits the small bead box full of troops.  It's easy to transport, easy to get around, and, once it hits publication someday, will make for a slim, sleek game.  Dungeon Slam! works much the same way, but is somewhat more component heavy, which makes things a little more difficult in that regard.  That's what Draft 5 will be for, children!

Art tubes make map carrying easy!

And, finally, one of the best ones I've come across.  I can't even take credit for it, though--this one was all L-train's idea!  When heading out for AnCon last year, he needed a way to carry large, printed map for his "d20 Zombies" scenarios.  So, he headed out for the local Hobby Lobby and picked up one of these:  an art tube!  For $14, the price is spectacular, and it easily fits two Chessex battle-mats.  Plus, you can sling it over your shoulder, which keeps your hands free for carrying other supplies and opening doors.

With the 2011 con season rapidly approaching, I'm hoping that this Christmas brings some additional Sterilite for all the new gaming acquisitions!  After all, all the minis, tiles, and accessories in the world won't mean much unless I can get them where they need to be!


  1. Thunderforge10:49 PM

    There's also the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen, which is like the World's Greatest GM Screen, but it's landscape and has three sections. Despite the name, it can be used for any RPG.

    ( and (

  2. I thought about that one, but I like having that fourth section that comes with the WGGMS.

    That said, I'm hoping to get one in landscape format. It tends to get hard to see over nearly a foot of barrier, much less throw Fate Chips/Bennies/Determination over the top!