Sunday, December 12, 2010

In Which The Warlock Jots Down Some Random Thoughts...

I didn't really have any particular ideas for today's blog entry, so I thought I'd just toss down a few of the things that have been rolling around my brain over the last week.

Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

--How many times has weather really factored into an rpg session?  It's snowing sideways here right now, but rare is the time that I can remember where weather really mattered in any given session.  With my own adventures, many of the conflicts would tend to take place indoors, which pulls the elements out of any showdown.  It makes me wonder what one of my Deadlands sessions would be like, if I stranded the PCs out in the midst of a Colorado blizzard...perhaps they'll find out sometime soon...

Please, Blizzard?  Give us a date...

--Gaming really thrives on that idea of "more, better stuff".  I've been back on the Diablo II train, playing a Holy Freeze/Zeal Paladin, and am honestly amazed at some of the comments I've been making to myself, regarding gear.  The delight I'm giving off when I find a new rune or pick up a unique weapon--even if I can't use it!--is amazingly palpable.  The PlatinumChick tends to give me funny looks when I shout out about a new find, but I can't help it!  That last little bit might be critical to keeping my little Paladin alive!  And, as I'm about to start "Nightmare" difficulty, I can use every bit of help that I can get!

--Speaking of Diablo, the previews for Diablo III look amazingly tantalizing.  I had been eyeing up the Witch Doctor class, but with the release of the Demon Hunter, I think I may have a new favorite.  And, to be honest, the Wizard really captures the essence of the stereotypical, D&D-ish mage, yet still looks bad-ass.  If only there were an official release date...

--You know, it's sad when I dream about gaming.  A few nights ago, I had a dream about a Magic: the Gathering-style collectable card game, based around NFL football.  I'd definitely need to refine the ideas a little bit, but it really could be pretty spectacular, if I managed to put it together.  Obviously, there'd be huge licensure issues, but perhaps the missing link between 'geek' and 'jock' could finally be found! 

--The most dangerous spells in D&D are cantrips.  Actorios, in our Friday Night Dark Sun game, has no less than 4 tools as his disposal, at-will:  telekinesis, telepathy, pyrokinesis, and the abiility to create nearly any tool he wants, on demand.  This combo is massively troublesome for everyone around him, as Chris the II's (shhhh!) wizard nearly found out in our first session.  Nothing like some interparty conflict showing up in the first session.  Actorios was one telepathic message away from finding a new party member!

Digital-Kat's usual hangout
--Digital-Kat has been trying to convince me to join the addiction that is World of Warcraft, telling me tales of the role-playing going on in SunCrown.  And, I'll admit, it's tempting.  But I've been holding off thusfar, due to the ongoing cost and the addictive nature of the game.  With the stories she's been telling, though, of noble betrayal, backstabbing, and broken alliances.  *drool*  It's the sort of gaming I just don't get in real-life, and have had a distinct hankering for. 

--With the holidays on us, it'll soon be time for my wee ones at school to experience the utter pain, humiliation and horror that is my holiday tradition:  The He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special.  The old Star Wars special has nothing on this one:  it has musical numbers, overly cute Mary-Sue protagonists for the kids, and even a reformed Skeletor.  It's hideous, but it's so worthwhile! 


  1. Just sayin'

    Though, in truth, with the expansion just having been released, I've been hard pressed to get RP from anyone except those who haven't gotten Cataclysm yet. Mondays are consistently RP-night, at least, and there's a lot of plotting and ficcing going on in the background. But it would certainly give you a diversion if Diablo 2 isn't up to the task during winter break...

  2. Chalk it up to everyone wanting to get to the new end-game content. Give it a month or two, and you'll be back in the normal back-room wheelin' and dealin' like usual.

    As for joining...*sigh* It's tempting, but I gave up Magic: the Gathering in 10th grade. I'm not sure I'm up for graduating to 'the harder stuff'.