Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In Which The Warlock Winds Down the Year...

If it's one thing I've not been very good at, it's concluding.  In writing, in projects, in...well, life in general, I've never been particularly good at finishing out.  I suppose that includes this year's blog entries, even.  As I sat down to put in this entry, I was at an utter loss.  Do I talk about the year that's gone by?  Perhaps what I'm looking forward to in 2011?  Maybe the swag that was part of this year's Christmas haul? 

No.  None of those would fit.  Rather, I decided to take a page from last year's entries and provide some resolutions for what I can work in next year.  I'm not big on New Years' Resolutions, but this is the one venue where they make sense.  Plus, y'know...if the resolution's public, it's a lot harder to back down on!

--Keep Up the Layout!  One of the things I'm most proud of, in the past few months, is the formatting that I've been able to put forward on this blog.  I'm hardly an HTML guru, but I've been able to make this blog much more visually appealling with images and links, as well as various formatting changes.  It's been exciting for me, particularly, as I've been able to watch my readership slowly start to pick up.  Hopefully, that means I've been doing something right!

The current progress on Dungeon Slam
--Revise, Revise, Revise!  While I've been working hard on new ideas, new scenarios, and new games, my older projects have been gathering dust behind me.  This, my lovelies, is a real shame, as I think I really have some good stuff there.  Dungeon Slam! is still waiting on its fifth revision, while SunnyVale Acres has been aching for some more playtesting, now that I've instituted some changes to each of the factions.  Lumberjack Wars has been off to a good start, but needs to be completed.  I have the basic rules finished, and am nearly finished with the lumberjacks themselves, but still need to complete the vehicles/gear and the "Screw You, Buddy!" cards. 
Finding time during the busy scholastic year isn't easy, but I'll find a way...

Swinging the Pendulum...
--Swing the Pendulum!  Speaking of projects on the back burner, my Pendulum Method has actually been much more to the forefront than my other pieces of work.  I'm hoping to finish out the Pendulum and submit it to Digital Kat for full revision and layout within the first half of this year.  Ideally, by this time next year, I'll be able to put out a 64 page PDF detailing The Pendulum Method with several examples of Pendulum-style adventures.  This one, probably moreso than any of my board games, is closest to completion.  With any luck (and a good bit of work), I can actually finish out this project!

The future of Wittenberg Gaming?
--Start the Archive!  One of the biggest, most ambitious projects that has come out of the Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild was an idea from Will the ManMan.  You see, after running games at convention after convention, the Guild has a massive list of games that we can run, with characters already generated and plots already conceived.  Part of the issue is that they're not consolidated.  That, my lovelies, would be the change.  Ideally, we could consolidate all of our one-shots, all of the games run by Wittenberg gamers, as a massive consolidated document full of ideas, characters, and adventures.  Perhaps someday, once we get enough material in one place, we could even publish a volume of our materials...

We'll see, really.  2011 looks to be massively exciting, with another trip to Origins and GenCon on the docket, in addition to WittCon, FOPCon, DenCon and more.  Here's to another year, fellow gamers! 

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