Sunday, April 24, 2011

In Which The Warlock Needs an Elder Sign...

Ia, ia, friends and neighbors!  Finally--after too many weeks of cancellations and other engagements--we managed to resume Chaotic Frederick's Dark Sun game.  Though we only managed to have three players at the table, the plot still forged on with Actorios, Berd, and Tanka delving into Under-Tyr in order to find an abandoned gateway to Raal.  That is to say, the Moon!  Well, one of them, anyway...

Saving Tyr is a hard job to do...
But with one our spell-shards planted firmly on Raal, we arrived back in Tyr only to find that something quite drastic had happened.  True, we had succeeded in our quest to open a gateway to Raal for House Wavir to use as a water-hauling venture.  The lush jungles of Raal would provide a fresh water source for Wavir to sell, undercutting their rivals and taking complete control of the water market.  But in doing so, we also opened a series of other rifts throughout the city, with monsters pouring into Tyr and raging through the various districts!

Wait a second...that sounds familiar!  That's Arkham Horror!

Fire up the Doom Track!
Yes, indeedy, friends and neighbors.  Chaotic Frederick is, as we speak, working on a conversion of Arkham Horror, set in Tyr.  We'll be playing converted versions of our own characters, attempting to stem the tide of horrific beasties before the Free City gets overwhelmed by otherworldly horrors.

I'll be frank here:  I love Arkham Horror.  It may well be my favorite board game.  Its mechanics, while complex, are streamlined and compact enough for the game to be easy to understand.  While the game is quick to master even, it maintains a level of difficulty that makes playing the game interesting every time.  And the expansions?  Ohhhh, the expansions!  While there are better and worse ones, they maintain a degree of quality that's really unseen in other games.

I have really high hopes for this next session.  Once ChaoticFrederick gets the last of the rules and conversions put together, I'll see about posting some pics of our Tyrian expedition, as soon as possible!

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