Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In Which The Warlock Rebuilds...

With ChaoticFrederick prepping our imminent "Tyrian Horror" game, a ton of work needed to be done.  Character conversions, encounter tables, new allies, an entirely new board...this was a lot of work!

Lucky for us, we had an ally in the preparations.  You see, a fellow named Christopher Jennings had put together a neat little utility, with Fantasy Flight's blessing.  The result?  Strange Eons--a homebrew utility program that lets you build your own Investigators, Items, Allies and more! 

Simply put, Strange Eons is gorgeous.  It's quick to learn, and the results speak for themselves!   Take a look at Actorios, rebuilt as an Arkham Horror investigator! 

Front Side--Actorios

Reverse Side--Actorios

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