Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Which The Warlock Contemplates...Nothing.

So, the saying goes that "absence makes the heart grow fonder".  Yeah...something like that.

Friends and neighbors, I'm going through gaming withdrawl.  "Heresy!" you probably cry, "Warlock, you run a gaming blog, are in two weekly campaigns, and run demos on the Ohio convention circuit.  How can you possibly be going through withdrawl?"

Simple, my lovelies.  Much of my gaming seems to be coming to an end for a while.

My upcoming gaming schedule...?
Deadlands is just about over for us.  While I'm going to save up what's happened for a later post, after our final session, we have just that left:  one session.  The campaign had gone fairly well, all told.  I have some regrets about it, dealing specifically with certain choices I made as a GM, but overall I was pleased with the result.  I think the players had fun, which is what matters.  Some continuity in amongst the players would have been nice, though...losing DigitalKat halfway through sucked, and while LuckyDee and KungFuJake wake were welcome additions, they only joined after two other players had dropped out.

Similarly, our Dark Sun game is heading towards its conclusion.  ChaoticFrederick received an opportunity to work at a government jet-propulsion laboratory in California for three months, so we're trying to wrap up our adventures in Athas before then.  Unfortunately, this game's provided me quite a bit of consternation recently...we haven't actually had a session in nearly a month!  Actorios' story has been sitting on idle since then! 

FOPCon 3!  Return to the Scene of the Con!
The con circuit, while not quiet, has abated for me momentarily.  Next on the docket is FOPCon, in Huber Heights, which is always a blast.  FOPCon's run by Doug and his friends, who really pour their heart and soul into showing people a good time.  The F.O.P. hall where FOPCon is held is comfortable and spacious, but the best part of FOPCon is the food!  There's a ton of house-made food sold at FOPCon, but as a GM...the food is free!  Yes, free!  Om nom nom, indeed!

But, with that, my gaming options slowly die off.  There's been some interest in me running a short campaign of The Laundry, which seems appealing, especially as I work my way through reading "Black Bag Jobs", a series of Laundry adventures.  (Oh, you say, it's not out yet?  There are advantages to being a freelancer...)  However, I've had an itch to run some sandbox-style, no frills D&D.  With several of the WittKids staying on campus over the summer, I may just get my wish...

Oh, and speaking of Witt:  we have a new banner!  Take a look at this hotness:

Awesome, no?  Just wait till you see it hanging up at this year's Origins Game Fair!

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  1. Thunderforge10:51 AM

    BeardedAndy (Andy P.) had suggested doing a Star Trek campaign over the summer with alternating GMs, which several people seemed to be interested in. I'm planning on running the Deadlands one-shot "Independence Day" around the 4th of July as well. Although a D&D campaign isn't my first choice, I'm willing to play in whatever gaming I can get over the summer.