Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Which The Warlock Misses the Mark...

First off, apologies for the missed entry this week, assorted gamers.  This one wasn't actually my fault, though--Blogger was down for a bit, due to some technical issues, so even when I went to put up an entry on Thursday, I wasn't able to.  As such, here we are.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the only thing I missed.

Rather, I've been working with El Willy on revising the WEGS "Ultimate Dungeon Party"--a series of advanced Arks set to debut at Origins this year.  Containing the Monk, Templar, Dungeoneer, Warlock, Glaivemaiden, and Sneak, the UDP really has some great content to it, all in a little 54 card deck!  However, I haven't gotten a chance to play with it yet, and told El Willy that I'd give it a go at Wright State's Glory Con this weekend...

I'm not going to mince words here.  Wright State's gaming scene is massively frustrating.  They did absolutely minimal advertisement for Glory Con; we didn't even hear about it at Wittenberg until Gem City ComicCon, where they had a half-page ad in the con's on-site book. 

The last time we went to Glory Con, the amenities were nice, but there were next to no events whatsoever.  EEE and I ran the WEGS classic "Return to Castle von Yumenstein..." for three sessions, but our table by itself made up most of the events in total.  Overall, things were poorly organized, poorly advertised, and poorly set up.

It appears that things haven't changed. 

I arrived at WSU today, ready to throw down the UDP, only to find a totally blank room.  Walking around the WSU Student Union, with an armload of minis and other WEGSing supplies, I managed to find my way to the bookstore, where the clerk was kind enough to pull up the university events list.  Glory Con, apparently, is only opposed to the 14th-15th date, in the ComicCon ad. 

This could have been easily prevented, if the WSU group had a website or responded to e-mail (I've personally e-mailed the current president, only to receive no response whatsoever).  Even a Facebook page would be helpful, in both advertising and organization.  No such luck.

Honestly, guys.  Get your poop in order.

So, it appears that I have a free evening for once.  That means that I can finish out some of my major projects right now.  I'm about 1,000 words away from being done with Draft 1 on "The Pendulum Method", which will be sitting at 16,000 words total.  And, as mentioned, there's also the UDP, which is a total blast. 

Time for me to limber up those fingers, friends and neighbors.  I've got to get started!

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  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    When you talk to the guys at SlugFest Games can you ask them if/when Red Dragon Inn 1 & 2 are going to be reprinted?