Wednesday, May 04, 2011

In Which The Warlock Games Too Much to Blog!

Apologies on the missed entry, friends and neighbors.  This weekend's been beyond hectic, with enough dice being rolled to make the Bellagio jealous!  It's no small irony that I've spent so much time gaming in the last few days that I haven't even gotten a chance to update my gaming blog...

But, that changes now. 

Friday night got us off to a storm of gaming, as we tried out our full-conversion of Arkham Horror for the first time.  Tyrian Horror, as we're calling it, came together beautifully.  When ChaoticFrederick unveiled the board, I was in awe--I had expected to be a quick scan-and-print job; but he brought out a massive, laminated, full-color board!  Absolutely gorgeous. 

The game ran surprisingly smoothly, too.  With 7 players around the table--ChaoticFrederick himself joined, as well as guest appearances by the PlatinumChick and ChainMailleSarah--the game did run long, but that was primarily due to the sheer number of players.  The encounters and Mythos cards really helped capture the feel of Tyr, but the board and the characters were what made it.  Superimposed over the City of Tyr map from the 4e Dark Sun Campaign Setting book, the locations ranged from the Ziggurat of Kalak, down to the depths of Under-Tyr. 

I mean, really, the pics speak for themselves!

Jess and Chris I examine the Encounter Chart!

Our full Tyrian Horror set-up...

Fred looks over the board, anticipating his next move...

Actorios, complete with Sword of Glory and...Tommy Gun?!
If that wasn't enough, the next day was the WittKids' annual trip to FOPCon!  Scheduled to run two sessions of WEGS and another of Deadlands, I had a full day of gaming on the docket!

Really, this was a good rehearsal for Origins, which is slowly-but-surely rising on the horizon.  While my sessions went off really well--though, unfortunately, my last WEGS game didn't go off--I did find a few minor issues with my write-up of WEGSThulhu.  I had totally forgotten to write in the Chapter Rewards for each section, which led to some confusion as we finished the first encounter!  But, throwing down the Cold Roll Gospel did give me a chance to take a look at something new--the always-crafty El Willy e-mailed me a playtest version of a new Ark:  none other than the Warlock!  Full of hellfire and brimstone, this guy made for a massive change around the table, compared to the prior Mage-based Arketypes...

Deadlands, though, ran absolutely perfectly.  I couldn't have asked for a better table of players--the fellow playing Ricky "The One Armed Bandit" Parker, spent the entire session with one arm behind his back, shuffling his deck of cards with one hand.  Spectacular!  Couldn't beat it with a stick!

As I mentioned, my last game didn't go off, which meant that I got to sit in on EEE's Deathwatch scenario.  While we were getting our butts handed to us by beasties of Chaos and their accompanying Chaos Space Marines, I'd forgotten how much fun the maelstrom of the Dark Heresy line of games really are.  Brother Octavian, my tactial marine, engaged in a swift descent into madness, while Apothecary Lucian avenged his (rather explosive!) death, by hewing into the lead Chaos Marine with his chainsword. 

Just as the night ended, as our fellow gamers packed up, our party went once more around the table, hoping to take down the massive Chaos Captain.  And, lo and behold, the dice spake once more:  Lucian lucks out with an 03 on the percentile, hewing through the Chaos Captain's power armor with that mighty chainsword, bringing him to his knees...a great end to a great day of gaming all around.

I'm loathe to put all of the great pics from FOPCon 3 here, so I'll just link you to the album on Facebook:  FOPCon 3--Return to the Scene of the Con!
If that wasn't enough gaming action, that Sunday brought even more:  the finale of our ongoing Deadlands:  Follow the Walkin' Man campaign.  While LuckyDee wasn't able to make it, our posse rounded the table one last time for some resolution to the ongoing plot arcs.

Chris III's prospector-Agent Yukon Cornelius and Will the ManMan's replacement character, Texas Ranger Jason Cauldwell both decided to climb the Dark Tower...I won't spoil the end of the Dark Tower books for you, but suffice to say that their end was true to the end of Book 7.

The PlatinumChick and KungFuJake's characters, though, traveled south to Tombstone, where Bat Masterson was already meeting with Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Sam Pelfrey...better known as the Arizona Kid.  Deciding to join up with them against the Cowboy Gang, they were shocked to find out that a new influx of Chinese immigrants had flooded Tombstone--led by Xu Lei's villainous brother, Shang Lei!  Shang had taken possession of the medallion once possessed by Xu Lei's ancestors, gaining massive arcane powers...

...but they weren't enough for our heroes!  In a blaze of bullets, kung-fu kicks, and hexes, the heroes prevailed.  Roxanne ended up marrying Bat Masterson, then pursuing her father up the West Coast, eventually finding him in Winnipeg, Canada.  Xu Lei returned to China with his defeated brother in tow and the cursed medallion in hand.  And so, they lived happily ever after.

Whew.  That's a lot of gaming!  Now, it's onto the next bit...who knows what's going to come next?

Oh yeah!  This is officially my 250th post!  Woot!  Thanks for the support, all!

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