Monday, May 23, 2011

In Which The Warlock Makes a List and Checks it Twice...

Man, I just can't seem to stick to my schedule in recent days!  Yesterday, the PlatinumChick joined Lion-O, EEE, and Will the ManMan for a summer excursion to go see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  As such, the weekend blog entry was relegated to today. 

You see, in amongst all of the chaos of the school year ending, I've been compiling exactly what I have to do this summer.  All in one place, it's a little frightening, children!  Take a look:

  • Revision for SunnyVale Acres
  • Begin work on [EXPURGATED RESULT] for Cubicle 7.
  • Finalize ICONS scenario:  "The Near-Orbit Mass-Driver Blues"
    • Character Sheets
    • Table Tents
    • Revised Outline and Villain Stats
  • Revisions of Origins Scenarios:
    • Deadlands--"Westward on the San Juan Express"
    • WEGS--"...WEGSthulhu"
    • CoC--"Chrysalis"
    • D&D--"Lawfully Blonde"
  • Prepare game supplies for Origins
    • Minis
    • Scenarios
    • Character Sheets/Table Tents
  • Pack for Origins
    • Buy gamer chow and other necessaries
    • Pack suitcases
  • Origins 2011
    • Run 6 games
    • Play in various events.
    • Live-blog notes for seminar--"Dirty Secrets of Game Design"
    • Handle donations for Sauer family.
    • Buy swag!
    • Live-blog (with photos!) each night.
    • Contact Slugfest Games, re: SunnyVale Acres
  • Mail out donations to Sauer family.
  • Continued work on [EXPURGATED RESULT].
  • Outline and write manual for Lumberjack Wars
  • Begin revisions on "The Yawlamoo"--2-3 passes.
  • Process game feedback forms from Origins.
  • 5 day weekend in Reading, PA for wedding.
  • Organize day-trip to GenCon Indy.
  • Revise and rebuild Dungeon Slam
  • Finalize drafts for [EXPURGATED RESULT].
  • Submit SunnyVale Acres to interested parties.
  • Prep for next school year
    • Shopping
    • Syllabus and lesson plan organization.
As you can see, friends and neighbors...this is going to be a busy, busy summer!  If I thought I wrote a lot earlier, I've got even more on my plate now!

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