Monday, March 12, 2012

In Which The Warlock Illumines the Unobtained...

I've been lucky enough in 15-odd years of gaming to have run and played in huge variety of campaigns, one-shots, convention games and more.  And, through this blog, I've been able to share--at least somewhat--my experiences with you, oh glorious reader.

But, y'know...there's a lot that I haven't done.  A lot that I'd love to be able to do, but just haven't quite managed it yet.  And so, fellow gamers:  I present to you the start of my "Gamer Bucket List!"

  • I want to play Planescape.  Oh, my yes.  In all of its Victorian-philosophizing, genre-bending weirdness, I've never actually gotten to play in a Planescape game.  I'd love to see that change sometime soon.

  • I want to run a LARP.  Still haven't managed to do this one, despite the WittKids having one every semester for the past few years.  I think my penchant for causing inter-party strife would make an excellent asset for a diceless showdown.

  • I want to play in a swashbuckling, high-adventure game.  Not sure this one is going to be on the horizon, either, but I have a tendency to shy away from games with 'derring-do' in favor of more 'serious' games with elements of horror and suspense.  Just once, I'd like to be able to cut loose and run a dashing swashbuckler with a devil-may-care attitude.

  • I want to be scared in a horror game.  Not saying that I want blood, gore, and entrails all over the floor, but I'd love it if a game actually managed to put some fear into my jaded gamer heart.

  • I want to wean myself off of Savage Worlds.  Not to say that it's a bad system--far from it!  It's becoming my go-to system for all things.  But, there are some things that it just doesn't do particularly well:  actual horror, for one. 

  • I want to do some more reading.  While I've done a fair amount of reading in terms of game-books, my actual reading list has shied away from genre-fiction in the last 5 years and more towards heavier literature or (for light reading) comics.  I haven't touched sci-fi or fantasy novels in years and, judging by the field out there, it's not likely that I'll return anytime soon.

  • I'd love to be able to field-test a new system.  While writing Cold Steel Wardens, my influences are pretty evident--4e D&D, Savage Worlds, ICONS, Heroes Unlimited, and Mutants and Masterminds to name a few--but it'd be great to see someone else going through the playtesting process.

  • I want to run one of the classic campaign arcs for a chosen system.  This could be any number of games:  the "Dime Novels" of Deadlands, the original Temple of Elemental Evil series for D&D, or the plot point campaign of Necessary Evil.  I've had a lot of fun with "The Flood," but there are so many classic campaigns out there to sample...
I suppose all of this is just a start--there's tons more that I'd love to do before I hand in my dice for good.  Any other suggestions?


  1. WoWSonya6:24 PM

    I definitely started reading more when I bought my Nook. The ability to download and read a new book at whim is really awesome. That and I can take it with me where ever I go, and have a whole library of books from which to choose.

    As soon as I finish book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire, I will be purchasing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I need to read it before the movie hits in June!

  2. Truth be told, I've been reading a fair amount more since I got my iPad, but it's not usually novels or such. Usually, I'm either reading gaming PDFs or surfing the web...

  3. WoWSonya6:16 PM

    Well, an iPad is not a Nook! Since the Nook only does books, that's all I read! :D

  4. Well, that does make a difference! :D

  5. WoWSonya7:21 AM

    My point is I don't get the urge to troll the net on my Nook because it doesn't have that capability. So my focus remains on my books. Anywho, read more novels!