Friday, July 06, 2012

In Which The Warlock Contemplates a Cluster of Points...

Friends and neighbors, it's hot here.  Whooo, man, is it hot!  Too hot to think, all told.  So, mes amices, while I prep your next participant in my ongoing Hell on Earth series, here's some random points!

  • As per my usual, I've all but taken on a nocturnal schedule here in the summer.  I stay up late, either working on Cold Steel Wardens or playing Diablo III, then go to sleep in the early morning.  Most people tend to think I'm a little nuts, but it tends to work for me.  I stay out of the oppressive heat of the morning, and still manage to be productive.  Besides, I'm more of a night-owl anyway!
  • My long-running (and almost as long on hiatus!) campaign of "The Flood" is finally reaching its conclusion.  After a stopover at Fort 51 with "Mr. Eddington" and "Mr. Andrew Lane", my posse has only two glyphs to find--which they've already located and mapped out--before triggering the titular flood in Lost Angels.  While I've been enjoying this game through and through, it makes me wonder what we're going to be doing next.  The PlatinumChick has mentioned the possibility of running Hell on Earth, and I'm still contemplating that All For One: Regime Diabolique game, but nothing's concrete yet.  We'd better get our ducks in a row:  we only have about 3 sessions left in Deadlands!
  • Instead of braving the heat and traffic on the 4th of July, the PlatinumChick and I decided to go see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Figuring it'd be a better bet than the up-and-down Amazing Spider-Man, we weren't disappointed in any sense of the word.  It's an over-the top action flick with a goofy premise and some great scenes. In fact, there's a point near the end that I'd swear is ripped straight from John Goff's infamous Night Train scenario.  Not that that's a bad thing, mind you!   Go give it a run, if you find yourself near a theater!
  • What's in a name?  In the hopes of taking a serious run at seeing myself in print, I've been planning on incorporating (most likely through an LLC) in the very near future.  However, in doing so, it occurs to me how important naming my company will be.  Obviously, you want a name that will stand out, but will also be able to be taken seriously.  I've come up with one idea which has tested well, but I'll keep under my hat for the time being...
  • It appears that, following the current "Avengers vs. X-Men" crossover event, Marvel appears to be headed towards some restructuring.  While I'm sad to see Brian Michael Bendis leave the core Avengers books, Johnathan Hickman makes for a fantastic heir to the big chair.  That said, it makes me wonder who will be taking up Fantastic Four!  In either case, the PlatinumChick will no doubt be happy with the upcoming Captain Marvel ongoing series.  I'm eager to read that one myself!
I think that's about all my brain can take before baking, friends and neighbors!  Next entry, you'll meet "The Main Man" Marlow!  Until then!

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