Friday, October 04, 2013

30 Days of GameMastering--Day 3!

Today is Day 3 in Lindevi's 30 Days of GameMastering challenge, so let's get right into it:

How do you find players?
Longtime readers of this blog know that I've been lucky enough to have an ongoing (and relatively stable) game group for about 7 years.  While we've had a few changes here and there, the core has remained the same throughout, which seems to be a rarity among gamers.  As such, I don't often have to search for gamers.  They're often waiting at my table on Friday nights, wondering where we should eat or throwing down a quick card game before we start the campaign.

The WRPG, still alive and kicking!
However, when I'm in the need of some new blood, I often turn back to my roots:  the Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild.  Operating since early 2002, the WRPG has introduced countless gamers to equally countless systems, giving tons of gamers a chance to get together and enjoy some games.  If you're looking for gamers, definitely check the local universities.  University of Dayton and Wright State have both had gaming groups at various points, and it's likely that any college or university will at least have a few gamers slinging dice on campus.  Even better, some of these universities will even hold their own conventions--a great place to meet local gamers en masse!

Second, if you're military-minded, take a look around any local military bases.  Two of my Friday night gamers work at Wright-Patterson AFB and a solid percentage of the people on base have some type of advanced degree, usually in a STEM field.  What happens when you get these types of people together?  Gaming, that's what!  If you have access, a military base can be a great place to find gamers.

Don't forget about online resources, as well.  Forums like and group-finding sites like often have entire subsections devoted to finding gamers.  I've recently started playing Sentinels of the Multiverse online (via Google Hangouts) with some of the people I've met on the SotM forums.  It's a blast, and was easy to get set-up!

Lastly, check out local gaming shops.  I realize that sounds somewhat basic, but many people overlook the fact that many game stores have bulletin boards or sign-up sheets where gamers are actively seeking other gamers.  If you're looking for a game, there's likely a good chance that someone else is looking for a game in your area too.

With any luck, you'll be throwing the bones in no time!

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