Sunday, January 02, 2011

In Which The Warlock Weaves a Delicious Web...

While my holiday break has been full of gaming goodness--I've managed to pack in playtests of both Dungeon Slam! and SunnyVale Acres, in addition to several other games--I want to go off on a bit of tangent, geeky though it might be.

My love of food is pretty well documented on this blog, but when I won a ham at the holiday party at work, I knew I wanted to do something special with it.  As such, I stumbled upon a mythic addition to any protein:  The Bacon Weave!

I had seen it online first, done with a turkey, and then again with a mighty Turducken, but never with a ham.  Perhaps, just perhaps, I could be the first!  Besides, what could make a tasty, delicious ham more yummy than more pig!?

The Bacon Weave, pre-cooking.
Surprisingly, the Bacon Weave was not too hard to accomplish, taking only about 20 minutes to perform.  I used a basic 'over-under' technique, similar to any basket or the like that you might have.  I used a package and a half of bacon, which was just long enough to cover the 7 pound ham.  I assembled the Weave first on a large platter, then slid it on top of the ham.

I was a bit worried about burning the bacon before the ham was done, but my fears were utterly unfounded.  The bacon came out crispy and browned, dripping their goodness down into the ham deliciously.  Even better, I used a center-cut, maple-flavored bacon, which added sweetness and richness to the ham. 

And now...the finished product:

The Bacon Weave in all its glory!
 This made for massive hit at our New Year's party, particularly as I carved it live for everyone.  There were only a few pieces left, after we were finished with this delectable treat!

Want a slice?


  1. Thunderforge7:00 PM

    Why yes, yes I would like a slice :-)

  2. Should've come out, man! It was phenomenal! :D

  3. You are now the king of Hamalot! Happy New Year, man!

  4. I prefer "Master of the Weave", but Lord Dominion of Hamalot works, too...

    Cheers, man!