Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In Which The Warlock Submits a Preview...

Sorry on the delay, fellow gamers.  It's the end of my teaching semester, so things have been hectic out here!

With the WittKids back in town for the spring semester, my Sunday afternoon Deadlands game is about to swing into high gear.  Our first semester suffered from some sporadic attendance issues, as well as a realtively slow pace as the posse made their way from Amarillo to Dodge City.  However, they squared off against the tommyknockers of Jaegretty Gulch, the machinations of Maximilian Gant, the tent revival of Rev. Jeremiah Riggins, and the wiles of the enigmatic Whateley clan. 

But, with the group about to hit Dodge City like a ton of bricks, it's time to ante up!  Enjoy the photo montage below, showing off what's in store for our crew!

Undead Horrors!

The Return of the Riggins Gang!

Westward Ho!

An unscheduled stop...

A mysterious stranger in the Ka-tet

An unholy tome

A final destination.

Ka know ya, d'ya kennit?


  1. Thunderforge9:58 PM

    Can't wait!

  2. It's going to be a blast! :D