Monday, January 31, 2011

In Which The Warlock Hits on 19...

My apologies on the late entry, but this time it was intentional.  With my Sunday Deadlands group in Dodge City, I wanted to show off some of my recent creations as the posse diligently pursues The Walkin' Man. 

Stumbling into Dodge City, the party ran headlong into a gunfight between some overeager young Jayhawkers and a long-retired Confederate lieutenent.  As it turns out, Marshal Deger had been forced to go back on his "no open firearms" policy, as mysterious disappearances had been plaguing the city.  Deger, and his infamous deputy Wyatt Earp, called upon the party to investigate...starting with the ghoul warrens beneath Boot Hill.

Not wanting to investigate the ghoul warrens alone, the party quickly took up on Deger's offer to call on his cousin, one William Barclay Masterson.  But, not wanting to go in without a proverbial "big gun," Will the ManMan called upon Rev. Jacobson's oldest friend--the buffalo hunter known as The Arizona Kid.  But, as it turned out, Sam Pelfrey's learned a few tricks since hanging out at the carnival with Elijah!  With a Blackjack hand second to none, flipping cards has become all but second nature to this dead-eye...

Name:  Sam "The Arizona Kid" Pelfrey

Race:  Human
The Arizona Kid's ready to take out some ghouls!
Strength:  d8
Vigor:  d6
Agility: d10
Spirit: d6
Smarts: d8

Charisma:  +0
Pace: 6"
Toughness: 5
Parry: 5
Grit: 3
XP:  40

Edges:  Marksman, Steady Hands, Arcane Background: Huckster, New Power: Quickness, Rapid Recharge

Powers:  Aim, Quickness, Gambler

Skills:  Shooting d10; Gambling d8; Guts d8; Riding d8; Fighting d6; Stealth d6; Tracking d6; Knowledge (Occult) d6; Climbing d4; Notice d4

Major Gear:
Buffalo Rifle--Bullard Express .50--2d10 (AP 2)--24/48/96
Winchester Army Pistol .36--2d6 (AP 1)--12/24/48
Bowie Knife--d8+d4+1

Description:  Sam Pelfrey grew up in and around Independence, Missouri, where he was friends with a young Elijah Jacobson.  While Elijah grew up and headed off to seminary, Sam opted for making the "quick buck" through gambling, particularly his favorite game--Black Jack.  However, upon besting an exotic lady outside of Deadwood, Sam found himself with a new that knew much about the tricks that cards really hold.  Sam put his newfound arcane talents to good use, swiftly gaining reputation as a peerless shot amongst the legions of buffalo hunters roaming the High Plains.  Going by the alias "The Arizona Kid", Sam just lets his Bullard Express and his cards do the talking, and the name spreads itself.

For those of you unfamiliar with Deadlands, Sam is what's referred to as a "Huckster".  By besting a demon (known as a manitou or a Joker) in a battle of wills, a Huckster can cast spells much like the wizards of old.  For most Hucksters, this battle of wills takes place as a hand of poker, though other variations--including blackjack--are common.  Sam is actually a special variety of Huckster, known as a "Hexslinger", which is simply a Huckster that uses his hexes to improve his aim and prowess with a gun.


  1. Thunderforge10:38 PM

    Could you write up a description for him? I thought it was cool how you made him a Hexslinger with a rifle (magic user who channels arcane energy through his gun, for those of you who aren't familiar with Deadlands).

  2. Sure...give me a few minutes, and it'll be right up!