Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Which The Warlock Posts Some Previews...

With the con season approaching rapidly and Origins event submissions due soon, it's time to start the hype machine for this year's games!  EEE, L-Train and Will the ManMan are still looking to get their submissions in, but yours truly, the PlatinumChick and Chaotic Karl already are locked and loaded. 

Take a look at our slate so far, and enjoy!

Title:  Westward on the San Juan Express
System:  Deadlands Reloaded
Dates Run:  Wednesday, 7pm and Friday, 1pm
Description:  All aboard the San Juan Express, running non-stop from Little Rock all the way to Denver! Live in the lap of luxury, as you escort the ever-charming and cantankerous Sam Clemens all the way to the Mile-High City. Unfortunately for you, it looks like not everyone on board the train seems to like Mr. Clemens' trademark witticisms. Can your desperadoes keep ol' Mark Twain alive until he can get to the Wall Street of the West? And what's that weird smell coming from the back of the train...?

Title:  The Near-Orbit Mass-Driver Blues
System: Icons:  Superpowered Roleplaying
Dates Run: Thursday, 7pm and Saturday, 1pm
Description: An advance force of Ky'yrrr aliens have erected a mass driver-an orbital railgun-around Earth, and are threatening to use it against the oil rich country of Kerplachistan. However, all is not as it seems, and there may be more to the Ky'yrrr than meets the eye.

Title: WEGS +Cthulhu = WEGSThulhu!
System: WEGS Old Skool Redux
Dates Run: Friday, 7pm and Saturday, 7pm
Description: It's time for WEGS to go a little crazy!  Join High Skolar Armitage as he looks for the Nekronomikon, but with cultists everywhere and the corrupting influence of the Mythos, who can you really trust?  The Sanity points are gonna fly!

Title:  Lawfully Blonde
System:  D&D 4e
Dates Run:  Wednesday, 7pm and Friday, 7pm
Description:  Six fabulous and stylish heiresses get more than they bargained for when they give up their posh lifestyles in favor of the grim and gritty world of the adventurer.  But, will they be willing to scuff their Manolo Blahnik greaves?  And what color goes best with goblin blood?  It looks like the life of the adventurer isn't as glamourous as it once appeared!

Title:  Chrysalis
System:  Call of Cthulhu d20
Dates Run:  Thursday, 7pm and Saturday, 7pm
Description:  Strapped for cash, you and five others volunteered for Project Chrysalis, a new sleep study at the local hospital. The doctors seemed nice, and the $6,000 they said they'd pay upon completion of the study seems like a massive windfall. There's really only one question that you're left asking, though: "Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?"

Title:  Orcs Gone Wild!
System:  D&D 4e
Dates Run:  Wednesday, 7pm and Friday 7pm
Description:  When the shaman's ancient totem is stolen by a bunch of do-gooder adventurers, it's up to the tribe's best and brightest to infiltrate Hamletshire and get it back....what? They're dead? Oh, okay. It looks like you guys will have to work instead! Players will take the role of a motley crew of orcs, goblins and kobolds as they fumble their way through Hamletshire.

Title:  Beneath the Tomb of Dark Lord Zexx
System:   Star Wars d20 Revised
Dates Run:  Thursday, 7pm and Saturday 1pm
Description:  The planet Zexane is causing troubles again. While the stash of Sith Swords is now gone, it seems something else was buried there. Reports have come to High Command that a powerful Sith Beast is roaming the wilderness, and perhaps even in town. The last report out was signed “Zexx”, the name of the spirit vanquished in pursuit of the swords. Your team has been sent to deal with this. The group can choose to play as either a Sith Empire or Old Republic elite strike force sent to deal with these troubling developments. 

I'll keep you posted as more and more of the WittCrew's games get finalized!  Cheers all!

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