Thursday, February 03, 2011

In Which The Warlock is Like, Y'know, Whatever!

In prepping for Origins 2011, the Guild has been discussing what's getting run by whom--always a massive decision, that!  My plate's already set, as I'm packing Icons, Deadlands, and my homebrew WEGS scenario: "WEGS + Cthulhu = WEGSThulhu!"

But, with the PlatinumChick still thinking up ideas, we've been trying to decide what she'd like to do best.  Already on the docket is her new Call of Cthulhu scenario:  "Chrysalis".  But, what to run during our other two sessions?  Then, the terrible truth struck....

"I play at, like, the 9th level!"

You see, a while ago, I stumbled across a horrific idea on the forums at  something that we're tentatively calling "Lawfully Blonde".

The premise is a simple one.  The entitled, materialistic daughters of the local lords have decided to take up the glamourous lifestyle of Adventurers!  With rhinestone-studded swords in hand and Glitterdust spells at the ready, they're ready to take on the world.  Just don't get orc blood over their Manolo Blahnik greaves! 

You see, my lovelies, it's become apparent you can create an entire party in 4e D&D, with every character having Charisma as a primary stat.  From Paladin to Sorcerer, from Rogue to Warlord, there's a way for every character to be a pretty, pretty princess...and still manage to lay the smackdown on the bad guys.  As such, we'll have the ultimate party of Valley Girls...

"Functional" armor....right...
Naturally, we'll have rules that apply specifically to this game.  Style points are a must, to say nothing of tiaras and plastic jewelry.  And, of course, the "Inverse Armor Rule" has got to apply here!

I feel a little bit ashamed for this.  But then again, I don't have to play in it...

Look for it at Origins 2011, cats and kittens! 

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