Saturday, March 12, 2011

In Which The Warlock Can Rebuild Him...We Have the Monster Builder...

With DigitalKat re-igniting her blog, her first post dealt with--you guessed it--Marrakesh.  Her pet setting didn't go that well over at Witt, primarily due to some conflicting views and goals in the party.  Restarting her game back in NY, she's decided to restart her game, but with some pretty definite changes.

So, when the idea came up of having some buff NPCs to keep her players and their PCs in line, immediately our thoughts both went to a certain half-orc mariner/revolutionary. 

As such, I jumped to and pumped out a new version of Ishmael Mellouk ben Hassib--one set to strike fear into any PCs that wander into the wrong back alley...

There he is...hopefully, he'll put a dent in any adventurers' plans! 

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