Wednesday, March 09, 2011

In Which The Warlock Concludes the Previews...

Whew!  This is the last set, I promise.  With 39 total events on the docket, we're out in force for this year's Origins Game Fair. 

If you missed the previous preview links, check them out here:
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Title: Sovereigns of the Sea
System: Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
Sessions: Wednesday, 7pm and Saturday, 7pm
Description: The Doctor and his companions have found themselves aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge under the command of Blackbeard the Pirate. But little does the infamous scoundrel know that the ancient treasure he's been searching for belongs to an alien species that doesn't take kindly to pirates. (Featuring characters from the Doctor Who television show. Rules taught, new players welcome!)

Title: Stargate SG-1—Shifting Loyalties
System: Savage Worlds
Sessions: Thursday, 7pm
Description: The Goa’uld Klorel, son of Apophis, has contacted the SGC and says that he wishes to defect to the Tok'ra. It's up to SG-1, Bra'tac, and Jacob Carter to determine if they've found a new ally against the System Lords or if this a clever ruse to discover the location of the Tok’ra secret base. (Featuring characters from the television show. Rules taught, new players welcome!)

Title: Stargate Atlantis—No Man Left Behind
System: Savage Worlds
Sessions: Friday, 7pm
Description: Todd, the Wraith scientist, has contacted Atlantis with an interesting discovery: Michael has captured Lt. Aiden Ford and hopes to discover how the Wraith enzyme interacted with him so that he can make an army of super-soldiers. It’s up to John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla, Ronan, and Carson Beckett to rescue their former team member and work with Todd to thwart Michael’s plans. (Featuring characters from the television show. Rules taught, new players welcome!)

Title: Lord of the Rings Risk
System: Lord of the Rings Risk—Trilogy Edition
Sessions: Friday, 7pm
Description: The classic game of strategy, set in Tolkein’s Middle Earth.

Title: Dilbert: Corporate Shuffle
System: Dilbert: Corporate Shuffle
Sessions: Saturday, 7pm and Saturday, 9pm
Description:  Crawl up the corporate ladder in Dilbert’s wacky world of bureaucrats and corporate chaos. Get rid of all of your cards to win!

Title:  What’s Summoned in Las Vegas…
System: Scion
Sessions: Wednesday, 7pm and Thursday, 7pm
Description: On your thirteenth birthday, you found out that the world wasn’t quite what you thought it was. As it turns out, one of your parents is actually a God, and you have been blessed with some of their abilities. Life for a scion isn’t easy, though: now that you’ve been recognized by your holy parent, you’re basically at their beck and call, fixing any problems that might pop up. You’re basically a magical fixer, but with crummy pay and little appreciation.  One day, your godly parent tells you that there’s trouble brewing in Las Vegas. Someone is trying to summon a titan, which is one of the great enemies to the Gods. But the Gods have rules about when they can and can’t interfere, so you end up being sent along with a group to stop this person before they can summon the titan. 13+, rules taught.

Title:   Road of Trials and Tribulations
System:   Blue Rose d20
Sessions: Friday, 7pm and Saturday, 7pm
Description:  Aldis is a country which prides itself on its excellent education system. One of the schools is in the capitol city of Aldis, where the best and brightest train to become top-notch Shapers (magic-users). And wouldn’t you know it, but it’s exam time at the Aldean Academy of Magic, and the Shapers all have to complete some pretty tough tests. One group of Shapers in particular has an especially tough set of tests. This group is made up of the top Shapers from each area of study, and they will have to work as a team to help a group of weary travelers go from a nearby village to the capitol city. There will be many trials and tribulations waiting for them, but if they succeed then they might just get that A they’ve been looking for. 13+, rules taught.

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